Success Academy Charter Schools Lead In Offering English And Math Subjects


In 2014, New York City students scored a proficiency rate of 29 percent in English and 35 percent in math on the challenging Common Core-aligned exams of the state. However, the students of Success Academy Charter Schools posted better performance. They scored a proficiency rate of 64 percent in English and an incredible 94 percent in math. Students of Success Academy in the city’s poorest communities outperformed their counterparts in the wealthiest suburbs. The excellent performance displayed at these schools highlights the outstanding curriculum used by the teachers. Eva Moskowitz, the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools, believes that for children to perform well, they need to have context and background knowledge. She does not believe in the theory of choosing between skill and content.

Moskowitz established the first Success Academy Charter School in 2006 in Harlem. Over the years, she has grown Success Academy into a network of over 32 schools with more than 9,000 students. At the institution, students’ success is a priority. They prepare students to thrive in college and beyond. Teachers and school leaders work closely to offer personal support to scholars, as they advance from elementary school to high school. They strive to provide a tailored approach of teaching to ensure that students acquire core knowledge and develop critical thinking abilities. This strategy help scholars to be independent and gain self-advocacy skills, which are significant for their success in education and respective careers.

At Success Academy, the culture of doing is ingrained in their curriculum. Students learn through hands on experience, with help from their teachers. Allowing students to think not only makes learning engaging and fun, but also lasting and effective. At the institution, students access numerous opportunities for discovery, off-the-charts engagement, inquiry and humor, which gives them unlimited potential to achieve success. At Success Academy, students take a full-period science class daily. The success of this program was seen in the performance of 4th graders and 8th graders in the 2014 state science exams. At Success Academy, children with disabilities are given special care. The institution assists disabled children to soar to greater heights of education given that they believe disability is not inability.