How Dr. Shafik Sachedina led Sussex Healthcare to become a premier care facility in the country

Sussex Healthcare is not only the best care center for the seniors in Sussex, but also across the country. The Sussex Healthcare’s success did not come on a silver plate. It is as a result of hard work and dedication put by various teams led by Dr. Shafik Sachedina. He has provided visionary leadership for the institution, which has elevated the facility from a local healthcare facility to a premier care center with highly trained personnel and exceptional amenities. Thus, all the patients visiting Sussex Healthcare get all they need from the facility. Most of the patients feel that Sussex Healthcare is a second home where they get medical attention and the care that they need in their advanced age.

Dr. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dar-el-Salaam, Tanzania. He then went to the U.K to pursue higher education. He enrolled at London University, Guy’s Hospital Medical School where he earned his degree in dentistry. Dr. Shafik is a qualified dental surgeon.

Dr. Shafik launched his career in the U.K immediately after his graduation. He worked at various institutions where he gained a wealth of experience in dentistry. He also assumed multiple leadership roles in these organizations, which has helped to shape him to be the great leader he is today.

After about ten years of practice, Dr. Shafik co-founded Sussex Healthcare where he serves as the Director. Sussex Healthcare is a care home based in Bridge, West Sussex that specializes in providing care for the seniors with mental disabilities.

Besides working as a Director at Sussex Healthcare, Dr. Shafik has also served in various leadership capacities in other organizations. He has served as a Director for Imara U.K. Limited, a firm that specializes in construction. He also served at the Horsham Clinic Limited and Ismail where he coordinated programs in 16 key areas where Ismail programs exist.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina leads a team of highly qualified personnel who work at the various Sussex Healthcare centers spread across the country. Shafik co-founded Sussex Healthcare together with Shiraz Boghani. The facility offers customized services that meet the particular needs of the patients. It offers various services that include reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy.

The facility has a reputation for recruiting highly qualified staff, who have immensely contributed to the provision of quality services over the years. Dr. Shafin has taken part in many voluntary activities with the aim of serving our communities in a better way. His brilliance and exceptional leadership skills have helped to grow Sussex Healthcare into a reputable care facility in the country. Visit:


Troy McQuagge Latest Award as the CEO of the Year

Troy Mcquagge, the CEO of USHEALTH group, became the recipient of the CEO award of the year gold award held by PlanetSM awards. The award ceremony recognizes excellent efforts by business and individuals from all over the world. All the organization regardless of their orientation is eligible for nominations. The award sponsors receive submissions from private, public, profit, nonprofit organization and all other types available. With the vast pool of individuals involved, it highlights how of giant step it is for Tony McQuagge.

Know more on Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards:

Troy McQuagge has been in USHEATH for almost a decade and directly involved in the success it has been associated. In his first few years, he was involved in the company’s rebuilding, development of the distribution agency, and the innovation of the USHEATH advisors. His prime success has been the development of the USHEATH advisors, whose success led his promotion as the company president and CEO. During his time in office at USHEATH, he has been able to achieve success with the increase in the company’s income. He has transformed the business to be a global leader and creating self-motivated individuals within the organizations. As part of his acceptance speech in the ceremony, he took time to recognize and dedicate the award to his hardworking employees. He emphasized the company’s desire for the improvement of healthcare and providing customers with suitable healthcare policies that match their income. The one planet award are according to the following services PR, Executives, market and corporate communication, teams, and organizations from all over the world.

Troy McQuagge is an insurance and sales expert by profession. In his three decades of experience, he has set himself aside from the others through his development of workable solutions in tight situations and his exemplary leadership skills. As the president of USHEATH, he has been in charge of the sales department. He has led the growth of USHA to become a sales giant through the health insurance market and agencies that are committed to growth. Tony Mcquagge kicked started his career thirty years ago at Allstate Insurance Company in the student insurance department. He later became the president of the UGA, UICI insurance department.

With the company acquired in 2006, Tony was in charge of the sales and marketing process. In the first year of the company under the new ownership, Tony was able to achieve profits of more than $1 billion. The achievement led to Tony being recognized as the sales group of the year with a Stevie awards and selling power publication. Tony McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida where he earned a degree in B.A.USHEATH group is at Ft. Worth, Texas. The organization comprises a blend of talented employees and agents are competitive in marketing and keen to supply quality customer services. Learn more:


Louis Chenevert’s Legacy Continues to Champion Innovation

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert has held a myriad of executive positions throughout his successful career, and it is through his continued trend of success, that his legacy casts such a wide shadow. As the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, a company that is completely geared around the cultivation of advanced technology, Mr. Chenevert consistently pushed for innovation and forward-thought. Before joining UTC, Mr. Chenevert began working for Pratt and Whitney Canada in 1993, where after six years, he became President, and he later spent 14 years working for General Motors, eventually rising to Production General Manager.

Today, there is a legacy of high standards at United Technologies Corporation; one that was directly influenced by Louis Chenevert. During his time at UTC, Mr. Chenevert was responsible for the company’s significant rise during the recession, as well as for the acquisition of Goodrich; reportedly for a sum of $18.4 billion. Throughout his career, Louis Chenevert placed heavy emphasis on innovation, believing that investing in the latest tech, as well as in the education of the people that make up the company, is integral in the longterm success of the company. Gregory Hayes, the current Chief Executive Officer of UTC, has continued the sentiments created by Mr. Chenevert and has publicly supported the school of thought that suggests a CEO should leave a company in better standings that he found it in. Investment sits firmly at the heart of innovation and preparation for the future due to the significant impact that it can have on the economy, as well as the role it plays in the overall job market. There is also the belief that an educated workforce will create a self-soothing cycle, because, as new ideas are created by these educated workers, they’ll also be in a much better position to pay back the debts acquired for schooling. Mr. Chenevert’s commitment to innovation has helped to create a company in UTC, that today creates the most advanced jet engines, as well as a stronghold on the heating and air conditioning markets.

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