An Astounding Overview of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is an outstanding individual who focuses on revolutionizing the business domain. He is particularly renowned for being a mentor to many people, a business revolutionist and possessing an entrepreneurial spirit. Some of his notable works include the development of M&As, the creation of performance methodologies, and giving guidance to startup companies.

Glen Wakeman has a significant impact in the business domain because he helps small businesses meet their goals. As such, the companies can quickly expand and reach the performance level projected. Although such an impact in the business domain can be partly be attributed to by his entrepreneurial spirit, his education background plays a great role in shaping his activities. He holds a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance.


The experience held by Glen is another contributing factor to the significant impact he has in the business domain. At the commencement of his career, he was employed in various organizations. He is the founder of Nova Four. By working in these different agencies, he is well acquainted with the demand of various businesses. Therefore, his advice can help shape the operations of the business to meet the demands and preferences of its consumers’ hence increasing profitability.


Glen Wakeman is a hardworking person who strives to achieve the best in all the tasks he partakes. Some of his roles include being a CEO, President, Board of Directors administrative positions and a business developer. Through partaking of these roles, he can easily influence a change in the business industry. One of his achievements which distinguish him as an entrepreneur is the formulation of five step performance methodology.


The five step performance methodology formulated by Glen Wakeman focuses on human capital, execution in business, leadership power and risk management. Through upholding of this model, businesses can easily execute their operations to meet the goals for the business. Glen has been an inspiration to other business personalities through not the only formulation of such an important model in business but also on issues ranging from regulatory strategies to monetary economics. Being well versed in issues such as corporate management, emerging markets and divestitures makes. Glen Wakeman a successful market strategist.


Greg Secker Talks About His Success In Business

Financial trading is a challenging career. Lack of adequate knowledge on trading may cause an individual to lose his or her investment. Individuals with little experience in the field have higher chances of losing their hard-earned money. This situation prompted Greg Secker to come up with an innovative and proven way of helping the average traders to succeed in the businesses without being exposed to high risks. His company, the Knowledge to Action Group, focused on achieving this objective through its four subsidiaries: Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and the Greg Secker Foundation. Over the years, he has offered detailed trading education to many people around the world.

When he quit as a corporate employee, Secker decided it was time to teach the public how to make money from trading. To this end, he used his experience to come up with high tech programs that made the trading processes easier and less risky. These programs are developed by Learn to Trade and the investor’s foundation.

Greg Secker’s businesses picked up fast. Within a few months, the trader was already making decent money from software sales and training fees. According to him, he was making more money than he used to make while he was working in the corporate world. His desire to continue growing his income saw him reinvest most of his earnings in his company.

Secker is grateful that he did not give in to the pressure of quitting in the first few months. He notes that the period was challenging and he always wondered whether the company would succeed. Today, the company ranks as one of the leading institutions in offering trading education.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a revered trader, investor, and entrepreneur. He is also known for engaging in various charitable initiatives. The motivational speaker has been inspiring many people through his incredible story. Secker founded Knowledge to Action Group in 2003 at the age of 27.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial and Mellon Financial Corporation. He is credited for creating the world’s first live trading platform, The Virtual Trading Desk. Presently, he focuses on teaching trading enthusiast on various trading strategies through workshops, seminars, and online platforms. To date, over 200,000 people have benefited from Secker’s trading program.


Mike Baur Offers Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur believes that there is a lot of innovation in Switzerland. The problem is not the lack of innovation. He believes that in Switzerland there is a lack of startup businesses, and he thinks that this is the thing that needs to be considered much more often. A lot of people may be scared to go in business for themselves because they may not have the central building blocks that it takes to actually get started. Mike wanted to change that and he wanted to change the way that people approached entrepreneurship. That is why he created the Swiss Startup Factory. He wanted to actually give a lot of Swiss businessmen the chance to get the same type of experience that many other entrepreneurs in America get for building their businesses. Mike has a symbol a great team with the 360 accelerator program and he wants the Swiss Startup Factory two help people expand to International businesses.


Mike Baur is certainly someone that has managed to build a successful organization of consultants that help other entrepreneurs. He was in the banking industry for two decades, but he really was tired of the banking business. He wanted to do something that he was much more passionate about, and that is how he would gain a greater perspective about helping others. He made a commitment to work on the startup business scene in a way that many others business leaders may have considered before. He decided to create different divisions of his company where entrepreneurs could get advice at an accelerated pace. He decided to put mentors and place that could actually help people that were starting up get the necessary coaching that they need it in order to take their business to new heights.


What Mike has done is give entrepreneurs in Switzerland a chance to consider a global perspective for their business. There are some small companies that are simply going to do small business in Switzerland. This is fine, but Mike Baur believes that there are innovators in Switzerland that are able to take their businesses on a global level. He believes that teaching students about what they actually need to do to make their business thrive will help any business owner grow. People that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone can accomplish great things when they connect with mentors at the Swiss Startup Factory.


How to Succeed: Sam Tabar Has Some Examples

Many people in the world of business have succeeded at a high level. For those who want to accomplish great things, looking at the story of their life is a great way to do that. However, each person is different in how they have been able to invest for the future.

If you are ready to learn how to apply these principles in your own life, you may have to look at little closer than you have in the past for keys to success.

Sam Tabar is someone who has accomplished a lot, but his background is different than most people. He did not grow up in a family with a lot of money, but he did want to invest for the future.

Sam Tabar

From the time he was young, he has always wanted to excel at whatever he did. He has a passion for doing things at a high level. When he was young, he worked hard in school so that he could get into college. Read more: Sam Tabar: A Shining Financial and Legal Mind

His parents always stressed the importance of going to college and how it could pay dividends over time for him. Not only that, but he is also excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place in his life and career. There are many people who are ready to follow him on his next couple of projects in life. If you are ready and willing to invest for the future, he is the person to invest in.

Community Service

According to Bloomberg, one of the greatest aspects of the life of Sam Tabar is the fact that he is working on a plan for the future. If you want to build wealth, you need to learn how to use your money to invest in the right projects for the future.

Not only that, but you have to be passionate about the dreams in life that you have. If you are ready to start thinking of ways to add value to there lives of other people in your life and career, he is the person to go to. He has proven that he is excited about what is next.

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Property Reports Made Easy—Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the most powerful document-processing companies in the mortgage industry in the United States. The company has its main services to carry out property titles and document research in government institutions. For the sake of business continuity, Nationwide Title Clearing has decided to respond to the various calls of action which point towards making title and property reports accessible in an efficient manner. For this reason, Nationwide Title Clearing has decided to launch its new website which offers an application form for the property titles in the most efficient manner. Reports can now be accessed through their online ordering platforms.


In the recent past, many people have been complaining about the title defects. As a matter of fact, property titles have become one of the main causes of concern in this industry. For this reason, there are numerous measures put in place to kerb this growing negative trend in the industry. In the recent years, many people have contributed to the rise in the numbers of wrongful foreclosures. On the other hand, many other people have become the main victims of business stagnation. In this industry, business is what the best thing. This is because business in this industry is so seamless to a manner in which other industries depict to emulate. A smooth transition is the best way to have this business in this industry. However, the causes of concerns like defective property titles are the only let down in this business. This is because they give rise to the wrongful foreclosures and the risk of buyback in the country.


According to the firm, property titles are the only things which make a property valid. If a property has no title, it means it does not exist, if someone else has a claim on the property, it will not be solved until the two parties find the real owner of the property before it is put back in the market. Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading processors of documents especially for the real estate industry in the country. Nationwide Title Clearing also serves the mortgage and financial industry with property reports and titles. For the company, nothing gives them much honour than to make their clients happier with their services. For this reason, they embarked on an innovation journey to have their property titles and reports accessible through their new website. This is one of the best services which pave the way for smooth transactions.

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Christopher Lyons Joins The Link Builders, LLC.

Link Builders, an online reputation management company based out of Elkridge, Maryland focuses on improving the industry’s status quo. The two men who started the company in 2011 set a goal to provide their customers with excellent service at an affordable cost. They work to provide help during a time of need as well as keep the positive light going when the client is back to doing well online.

Recently, the company hired on Christopher Lyons as their new Social Media Director. Lyon’s is self-taught and understands the ins and outs of everything from social media marketing to competitive analysis. After graduating from LaSalle University, he went on to manage multi-million dollar companies in Las Vegas, as well as starting and running a restaurant of his own in Philadelphia. Once he left his restaurant in 2010, he worked independently with different companies on their digital marketing.

Already understanding how to start a company, he decided to open Nextd Media. During his time at Nextd Media, he was reputable for attention to detail and turning good ideas into great ones. Seeing how hard working he is, Link Builders felt he was a good fit for their company. The spokesperson noted that Lyon’s will help the company expand on their “explosive growth” they experienced in 2016, helping it to go full-circle in 2017.

Understanding more about Lyon and the new company he is working for is best to let them speak for themselves, with their spokesperson stating that, “We believe our focus and success in delivering quantifiable results, setting realistic expectations, and overall customer service set us apart, as does our ability to provide help in the most sensitive and critical circumstances for individuals or brands.” It will be great to see Lyon and Link Builders continue to achieve greatness in 2017 and beyond.


Mike Baur’s Innovative Startup is Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur’s Innovative Startup is Swiss Startup Factory


As a teenager, Mike Baur was captivated in learning about banking and finances, and it is because of his eagerness to learn how these two entities work, his education includes him attending University of Applied Sciences Bern where he earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in banking, and finance. Mike Baur then went on to acquire his MBA from the University of Rochester New York and Executive MBA from the University of Bern.


From 1991 until 2008 Mike Baur worked as a commercial apprentice in wealth management at US Bancorp. In 2008 Baur became banker working for Clariden Leu and almost 4 years later he went to work at Sallfort Private Bank. Mike Baur devoted many years working in the world of banking, but in 2014 he quit his job as a banker and began investing in startup companies.


Mike Baur, at the age of 39 founded Think Reloaded, a financial services business that would help startup companies by setting them up with startup coaches and financial advisors. He also joined as a Member of the Advisory Board for the Young Entrepreneurs Club at the University of St. Gallen. Baur puts a lot of time and effort into youth entrepreneurship both as a mentor and financially. As co-founder and CEO, Baur is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds at SSUF. These steps became the beginning hub for the Swiss Start Up Factory.


In 2014 Baur became a co-founder of Swiss Start Up Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike Baur participated in a contest through START Summiteer to pitch Swiss Start Up Factory as a startup business. Swiss Start Up Factory is a start up accelerator business looking for growing digital entrepreneurs. Although SSUF is based in Zurich, great opportunities are provided through a solid network in Switzerland and all over the world.


A startup accelerator program that runs for three months is given where SSUF provides many unique services that will help a startup business grow into a successful, thriving business. Some of the services offered are coaches, mentors, and office space. At the end of the acceleration program, each startup will provide a demonstration for potential investors.


In January of 2016 CTI Invest, now known as Swiss Startup Invest, the lead financial hub for Swiss technological startups partnered with Swiss Start Up Factory making Mike Baur Deputy Managing Director foreseeing that he will be the successor of Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier who is the present Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest. At the same time, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier joined the SSUF Core Team and was appointed Managing Partner to make the bond between these two organizations even stronger.




Get to Know More About Hedge Fund Strategist Sam Tabar

In a state as large as New York, there are many professionals who have what it takes to become successful in their industries. Sam Tabar is a perfect example of this sentiment. Tabar, a licensed attorney currently stays busy practicing law in New York State. His pursuit of higher learning began at Oxford University, where he graduated with an MA and BA in Law back in 2000. After his time at Oxford was over Mr. Tabar went on to Columbia Law School and received his LLM.

Quickly excelling as an attorney, Tabar began his career as an associate with Skedden in 2001. He continues in that role to this very day. He has, however, managed to wear more than a few other hats during his career. He held a position with the renowned law firm, Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. Mr. Tabar served as a senior associate during his time with this firm. Additionally, he was picked to fill the role of Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction for Merrill Lynch.

A few years into his career Mr. Tabar started working for PMA and started to deal with important clients and managed hedge funds. During this time, he became the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director with the company. His time with PMA lasted for almost 6 years. After that he was on to even loftier pursuits.

In 2001 he came on board with Merrill Lynch and increased his experience with hedge fund management. Further career choices led Mr. Tabar to start up his own firm which allows him to continue to thrive as a successful hedge funds manager for high profile clients.

This type of career does not allow one to go unnoticed by the media. The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets have all ran stories featuring information about Sam Tabar over the years. With his track record for success as an attorney and top hedge fund manager, it is a safe bet to believe that he will be featured even more by major media outlets in the very near future.

How the Future of Russia Can Be Changed

In 2014, Russia began to experience what is referred to as “deep seeded problems in the Russian economy”. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov came forth to share what he believes is the answer to changing the future of Russia’s economy and overall growth. Beltyukov, the Advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation has created programs and financing to ensure that entrepreneurs are able to get the training they need early on to become a success.

His announcement followed a plummeting stock market in Russia as investors began to pull their money out of the country. The Russian Economy Minister, Alexei Beltyukov made a public statement regarding the poor growth of the economy that was up against a higher achieving forecast for the year. The stock market dropped rapidly, which meant that billions of dollars ran out like a sieve leaving little promise for those who wanted or had hoped to start a new business.

Due to the drastic change in the Russian economy, consumers lacked the confidence to spend, which meant a boost was much needed in an innovative fashion. This is why Beltyukov came forward to share his ideas and increase the involvement of the Skolkovo Foundation with the country. His belief is that approaching business with new and innovative ideas as well as how to encourage entrepreneurs to continue to build a business in Russia. Many were heading to Eastern Europe in hopes of a better chance to start a new business and build a new economy.

Beltyukov started the Skolkovo Foundation so that it might become a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs to not only help them started, but to train them on how to forecast growth and plan ahead for a better financial future. Beltyukov believes that this is the answer to bringing Russia back to a healthy economy for good.  After his degree from INSEAD, Alexei was also inspired to do what he could for education.  Which is how Solvy has been formed.

Manse On Marsh Goes Above and Beyond Expectations According To KCTV5 Story

The Arroyo Grande community houses one of the best senior living communities in the nation. The Manse on Marsh assisted living facility is set with beautiful landscapes and outdoors decor. People that chose to move into one of the apartments or flats will feel like they are home. The rooms or flats are set up to accommodate individuals nicely and comfortably. Each has it’s own sitting room and bedroom. Entertaining friends or family is very easy with a place set up like Manse on Marsh.

While touring the facility you will not be able to help but notice how friendly and helpful the staff are. You will also notice the way the place is decorated inside and out. You can walk down the hall to the dining area where you will find nicely color-coordinated tablecloths, table settings, and a delicious menu. The kitchen staff works really hard to help each resident to feel as if they are in a five-star restaurant. The kitchen staff comes to the tables and waits for individuals as if they are sitting in a restaurant. This type of dining gives the residents a sense of well-being and helps them enjoy their eating experience more. This helps with maintaining a healthy weight.

Residents that enter the community can expect to have someone to look in on them. They can expect someone to clean their flat and wash their laundry weekly. The residents can also expect to find activities going on that will keep them busy and free from boredom.

Another wonderful thing about Manse on Marsh is the location. It is nestled very close to many shopping areas. The community is bright and cheerful with beautiful landscaping and wonderful seating areas outside. Residents can walk around outside and stroll in the shopping areas downtown. Manse on Marsh is one of the top senior communities in the nation. The Manse is ready to service the Arroyo Grande community. Set up an appointment today to see the beautiful facility and community Manse on Marsh is offering. You will then understand the wonderful article KCTV5 published recently. You will read and see first hand how Manse on Marsh Succeeds the expectations of the community and KCTV5.  See the Yelp reviews for yourself, or check out what the official Manse Blog has to say.