The Legendary Brazilian Entrepreneurs: Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago may not be a household name in many countries, but in Brazil, he is know as a legendary entrepreneur. He is known for being the owner and manager of the Manaira shopping mall located in his hometown of Joaoa Pessoa. The Manaira mall is famous for being one of the best entertainment and recreational centers in Paraiba.


Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa and since he was young has always been interested in being a business man or entrepreneur. He eventually attended Pio X-Marist College then transferring to University Centre of Joao Pessoa, graduating with a bachelors degree in business administration. He soon started a business called Cartonnage Company which made cartons out of cardboard. The company also sold decorative products.


Not too long after making profit with Cartonnage Company, Robert Santiago began investing in real estate. With this his experience grew, and he became an even better entrepreneur because the land Santiago invested in was where he hatched the idea of opening a shopping mall and in 1987 he actually bought the land and started construction for the Manaira Shopping Mall. In two years time the construction was finished and the Manaira Shopping Mall officially opened.


The mall in itself is impressive enough as it was built on 75,000 square meters. What is even more impressive is the attractions in the mall. The shopping center currently has over 300 stores as well as eleven movie theaters all equipped with the latest cinematic technology. If your fancy is less on movie, the mall also has what they call their Entertainment Grid which features up to 200 gaming machines to cater to any age and taste as well as an electronic amusement park. Manaira Shopping center also is home to the Domus Hall, which is one of the largest concert halls on its rooftop. The Domus Hall can fit 4,000 people sitting and an impressive 10,000 people standing all at one time. The ground floor of the mall is also rented out by some for parties, graduations, weddings, and any kind of celebrations. The Manaira shopping Center not only is a place for entertainment, but it encompasses togetherness and cultural expressions which is what Roberto Santiago had in his mind from the start of his business venture.


Other than the Manaira Shopping Centre, Roberto Santiago founded another major enterprise, the Mangabeira Shopping Center located in his hometown of Joao Pessoa int 2014.


In short Roberto Santiago Epitomizes the ideal entrepreneur with his wildly successful business ventures and his impact on Brazil’s community by providing a place for the masses to just be, and also to have fun and be with friends and family.


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This is an exciting time since it is gradually pushing companies to implement humane working conditions for their employees. Moreover, these developments will lead to reduced workers exploitation and possibly slave exploitation in third world economies.

Investors are also beginning to wonder how they can combine their love of investing in companies with their desire to have lucrative but socially responsible investments. They are inquiring on how they can continue investing in company stock while at the same time making sure that their money is only supporting good corporations that don’t exploit investors.

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