The Sworn In Ceremony Underway For Luciano Lossio As The New Minister Holder of TSE

The ceremony to sworn in Luciano Lossio as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) is due to be held next week Tuesday 26th. Lossio will fill in the vacant position that became available upon the departure of the former Minister Arnaldo Versiani. According to the agency plans, the inauguration ceremony is scheduled to start at 19hrs at the plenary of the Court itself. Lossio is a woman with great achievements and devoted professional in all her career life. She was one of the pioneer women to occupy the three vacancies reserved for women lawyers in 2011 and took over as the TSE substitute minister.

She is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE), and will be the youngest minister serving big clients such as some governors. She is celebrated as the best defense tool based on the oral explanations known by many in Brazil. Her character is a plus for her, a striking feature in each function she is responsible for handling. She understands her responsibility to pay attention to the respect of people and their rights as constituted in the law.

Luciana Lossio completed her Law degree in 1999 at the University Center of Brasilia (UniCeub). Lossio dedicated much efforts to her studies that enabled her to be admitted to the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) in the same year. She later completed three post graduate courses in Civil Procedure Law in the Second Law, Sate and Constitution, and the most recent was the Legal and Public Order Ministry. Lossio wanted to ensure that she gained legal knowledge in various fields.

Lossio worked for seven years in the Attorney General’s office. During her time at the Country’s law office, she worked alongside the two former attorney generals of the Republic, Claudio Fonteles, and Geraldo Bundeiro. Her roles were mainly advisory in the cases whose judgments depended on the TSE or the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Lossio is a visionary leader, and she always focused ahead of time to deal with situations that were complex in nature.

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