Waiakea Water Builds Upon its Revolutionary Product

Waiakea is a revolutionary bottled water brand that is flying off the shelves for a good reason. The brand employs a transparent manufacturing process. Consumers know what has gone into the bottle, where it’s come from and how it is packaged. The water is harvested from a volcanic well in Hawaii and brings numerous health benefits. It has a smooth, satisfying taste and is packed with natural minerals and vitamins that are good for your health.

Waiakea bottled water is certified carbon neutral and naturally alkaline. In a rich history of many firsts from Waiakea, the company has developed a fully degradable bottle. The revolutionary technology is expected to revolutionize the plastic packaging industry well beyond the bottled water sector. The new bottle is 100% recyclable and fully degradable.

The bottle is strong enough to handle the rigors of bottling and usage while remaining adequately weak to degrade a hundred times faster than standard plastic bottles. Scientists had to reverse their approach to make a weaker plastic rather than a stronger one as is the norm. The company is expected to maintain consumer prices as the cost of the new technology is negligible when integrated into the current manufacturing process.

Ryan Emmons launched Waiakea in 2012. The company has been grown rapidly doubling in size and revenue every year. It’s signing more distributors to the stable. Customers are making a beeline to the Waiakea shelf in affiliated stores, and a highly popular online membership service.

The company’s bottled water line is entirely sustainable. It is also committed to ensuring people around the world get access to safe, clean drinking water. A slice of the firm’s revenue from the sales of the bottled water goes to Pump Aid, a prominent non-profit that provides sustainable access to clean water to underprivileged communities in rural Africa.

The brand has become the most awarded beverage in North America owing to its emphasis on transparency, health and sustainability strategies. Inc. 500, Hermes Creative Awards, Best in Biz Awards and World Beverage Innovations Awards have recognized it among numerous others. The brand is also redefining the industry through disruptive engagements of consumers on their social media platforms.