Understanding Autism Rock’s Go Fund Me Campaign

Any parent who has seen their child tussle with a medical condition will do anything to restore the health of that kid. Sanjay Shah’s son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. This condition diminished his ability to socialize and communicate effectively with people around him. Little is known about the condition because minimal research has been done. Sanjay Shah, a business leader and music enthusiast had the idea of raising money for autism research by organizing music gigs. The money raised would support this noble cause. This is what came to be known as the Go Fund Me campaign.

The first concert was held in London in 2014. It was not an open show but rather an invite only performance. Since then, Sanjay has involved music stars such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Drake in the cause by convincing them that it is the charity of choice.

All funds generated from the events are channeled to the Autism Research Centre based at Cambridge University. This center tries to comprehend what are the causes and effects of the condition. Currently, it is carrying out 15 studies aimed at early detection and how to support affected children throughout their lives.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay was born 43 years ago. His parents moved from Kenya to the UK in the 1960’s. He studied medicine at King’s College but did not practice because the field was not appealing to him. He took up an accounting career which saw him get employed at investment firm Merrill Lynch. Later he had stints at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and ING. He lost his job in 2009 during the economic crunch and started Soho Capital, a brokerage business.

By 2014, the business was worth 280 million dollars. He took a backseat so that he could focus on philanthropy. At first, he did not channel his bequests in any systematic manner. He would support children in India without having knowledge that he could do any other charity than that. That changed when his son was diagnosed with autism. This was an eye opener that led to the formation of Autism Rocks, which is now playing a huge role in demystifying the condition.