GreenSky Credit’s Source of Financing

Background of GreenSky

2006 was the year when a financial technology firm known as GreenSky LLC was founded and its location being Atlanta Georgia. Its main objectives were to offer technology to banks and businesses for them to make a loan to their clients for healthcare, solar, and improvement. GreenSky credit programs have their primary source of financing from federal-insured, state-charted and federal financial institutions. Also, it is approximated that around $5 billion had been borrowed via GreenSky credit programs from 2012 until 2016.

Businesses Involved in GreenSky

In the fintech market, GreenSky is not that well known compared to the other companies, and the reason behind this is that it does not use its capital to make loans. In 2016, it had already partnered with fourteen banks including Sun Trust Banks as well as Regions Financial Corp. They made investments via GreenSky credit mobile app and online to 12, 000 merchants’ customer that varied from retailer to their contractors. It also accepts merchants who sell furniture and any home improvement commodity that is roofing, window replacement, and aluminum siding. To deal with electoral medical process, they had to expand. Also, in expounding more about its business, CEO David Zalik reveals that they are in no competition with any bank or trying to be lenders because they stand to be a technology company.

2015 was the year when it considered expanding its business presence regarding the call center which was supposed to be located in Kentucky. In the same year, they publicized a multimillion-dollar project that would result to more than 350 jobs. In 2016, Its CEO perspective was that the company was making a profit and also in the same period, CEO David Zalik received an award of National EY Entrepreneur of the year in the Financial Services.

Employment and Management Structure

GreenSky has accommodated a capacity of employees who exceed 1000 with David Zalik serves as the GreenSky credit Company Chief Executive Officer, a post he has served since 2006 and also he is its co-founder. Gerry Benjamin serves as the company’s Vice Chairman while Tim Kaliban was its President and Chief Risk Officer.



Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Awarded the Year Award by Communications Solutions Products

On 18th, 2016, Talk Fusion’s revolutionary cross-communication platform received an annual award from Communication Solutions Products for its superior excellence in the communication industry. The award honors the newly introduced or significantly improved products and services that facilitate video, voice, and data communication.


According to Rich Tehrani, the Chief Executive Officer of Communication Solutions Products, it is a greater pleasure to honor Talk Fusion as the winner of the 2016 year award. As the 2016 honoree, Talk Fusion reflects the quality of products and services available on the communication market. Through its WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion Video Chat facilitates interactions on devices such as smartphone and desktop. You can download the video chat app on the Google Play Store and iTunes. The accolade demonstrates Talk Fusion’s continued momentum to develop revolutionary cross-communication platforms to advance the ever-evolving IT marketplace.


According to Bob Reina, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, this marks the beginning of a series of integrated cross-communication platforms yet to be launched. Talk Fusion’s talented IT professionals’ commit to staying ahead of the curve to stand out the pact amid increased competition in the world of technology. The award confirms Talk Fusion’s ability to provide quality solutions and services to meet specific client’s needs. It is a testament to how Talk Fusion’s team maintains efficiency and innovation. Besides the double honor from Communications Solutions Products, Talk Fusion has introduced a Free Trial of its WebRTC Recorder in less than a year.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is home to the world’s first integrated Video Marketing Solution. The firm commits to helping businesses increase their sales while retaining their customers. Through its cross-communication platform, Talk Fusion helps businesses to stand out the pact amid increased competition in the IT industry. The firm develops dynamic mobile apps to make marketing more persuasive and engaging through video chats. Today, Talk Fusion’s video chat functions in over 140 countries.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. It fosters a strong commitment to giving back to society by supporting civic, educational, religious, and artistic organization around the world.

Growth of Handy Home Cleaning Services.

There is an increase in demand for online home repair and cleaning services making the venture more lucrative for Handy. After some of their strategies failing, the top managers of decided to take the painful path to profitability. The firm experienced an exponential growth in income and two years after its launch; it hit over $1million demand for the cleaning services per week. The company’s app comes with edge cutting features that offer a better model for both customers and service professionals. The app offers the clients an ample time. With the new app, cleaning professionals do not have to worry about cleaning time since all they need to do pick the hours they will be available and get a better hourly income. The dynamic industry environment makes the firm to not only redefine their steps by new branding but also develope new apps for mobile devices.

With the increased demand for services of the company, Handy cleaning professionals are vetted thoroughly to ensure that the work they do would satisfy the customers. The Handy platform is a solution to the growing demand for quality home cleaning in the contemporary times. There are categories of services which one can book instantly, sit back and have the professionals clean their homes promptly. Though the process of adopting new strategies was risky, it became worth it ultimately. provides other services such as plumbing, but a large percentage of the firm’s income comes from home cleaning. The company decided to sacrifice market growth for profitability and reduced the cost of customer acquisition significantly. Exemplary services to the clients make them satisfied hence fewer contacts with the customer support staff. The company is growing and is currently in 25 cities in the United States and two in Canada. There are about 5000 professionals of the firm that complete at least one cleaning job in a month.


Talk Fusion: The Top Video Chat Tech Globally

Talk Fusion is gaining traction around the world as the number one smart app for video chat. You can use the software on your phone, tablet, or PC device with any Apple, Android, or Windows brand. It is wildly popular in places like Indonesia, where it sits as the top spot on the Android store in terms of downloads. Japan and the difficult market of Switzerland are also frequent users of the app.

The reason behind the popularity of Talk Fusion’s video chat app is that it is so easy to use. You don’t need to wait for lengthy downloads, it starts right up when you use it. It also has snaps that you can take. Talk Fusion doesn’t just offer video chat either.

Talk Fusion offers a suite of video services, such as email and conferencing. For example, with the email, you can select from hundreds of select templates that help you get started with email. You can upload your video of choice and send it to just one or even many people on your list. It is all done with one online portal. You don’t need to hop around and use different services to accomplish the job. Plus, if you don’t have time to make your own video you can use one of the video templates.

The company started in 2007 when founder Brad Reina, who was a police officer, set out to solve a major problem: sending a simple embedded video in an email. AOL was not able to do it, so he hired IT professionals and worked hard to innovate to a solution. Now, Talk Fusion has proven that people want better solutions.

Talk Fusion works on a direct selling model. This means that their associates are compensated directly and instantly. It cuts down costs and provides greater value for the end user. They also give back to the community regularly through charities and other outlets of positive change.


Talk Fusion is Rated #1 in Global Market

Talk Fusion has become a very successful program in a short amount of time. It only took a few weeks before it became the number 1 program in the global market. A tool was used to reveal the ranking of different apps and Talk Fusion was revealed to be #1 in Indonesia. However, the reasons behind the high ranking and popularity of Talk Fusion Video Chat. It is compatible with anything. It is also a lot faster than any other software. One person remarks on the High Definition quality of the product’s picture and sound. People can communicate all throughout the world on Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is also planning on its next phase in order to bring forth greater success to the company as well as even better communication throughout the world. One of the features that it is planning is a 30 day Free Trial. Also, in the past 3 months, the Alexa Web ranking has risen significantly by over 30,000 spots. There has been a lot of traffic. More unique visitors have discovered the program as well.

The future of Talk Fusion looks very promising. The developers are making improvements to their products and bringing in a lot of enhancements that attract more users as well as keep the current users. There is also a lot of momentum coming from all of the products that Talk Fusion has to offer. Google Play and iTunes both carry the app from Talk Fusion. This makes it so that owners of any form of mobile technology could use the app.

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Handy Moves Into Place To Dominate The Market Space

The recent movement of on demand services is taking over everything it seems. At every turn in the marketplace you see another service or item that is delivered quicker than ever. Now with the internet having sites like Handy (formerly Handybook) taking over with their innovative business models and service ideas. Being worth a bit over $500 million at this point and climbing rapidly, the company is steadily building steam. This being evidenced also by the $50 million that Handy recently acquired. There are many companies out there that look like Handy in the way they provide a service. However, CEO of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan stated that there is “no other company operating at anywhere near the scale that Handy is operating at in a transactional way. It’s the biggest player by a very large multiple.”

The company is even experimenting with a new way to buy and have furniture delivered. Basically how it works is you purchase the furniture through a third party store using Handy, then they pick it up, bring it to your home and put it together for you right there. No fuss required. This is just one of the many new ways that Handy is looking to innovate in the on demand marketplace. Most of their business at present comes from booking cleaning jobs, about %80. The other %20 comes from the handyman side of things. The company definitely has it’s things in order and a solid vision of where it is headed in the future. If Handy continues to fill the market with reliable and practical services like they have, they should have no trouble cleaning up the competition.

With a very high customer and employee satisfaction rate as well, this is one company that is going places fast. Maybe to your place.

Handy Cleaned My Home For A Very Important Party

I chose to host a party in my home for some clients, but after looking throughout my house, I knew it needed some real cleaning. I knew I didn’t have time to do the cleaning on my own, especially since I had planned the party for only three days away. I frantically called friends asking where I could get cleaning services, and one friend told me about Handy, which was news to me. I’ve never heard about the Handy company before, but I had no problem choosing them when I learned everything about the company. I found their website, which was very helpful.

The website informed me about all the services that Handy offers as well as about the workers that they hire. One of the biggest things that worry me about having people in my home is wondering if they have a bad background, which may mean that they may steal something or even destroy something in my home with no way to cover what they have wrecked. I love the fact that Handy only hires workers that pass a background check, and each of their workers are also certified or trained in the work they do. I needed someone to clean my home that knew exactly what they were doing.

I went ahead to set up an appointment for a Friday evening, especially since my party was going to be Saturday afternoon. I was anxious for the worker to come out, but once they got there, they were so early that I was able to tell them everything I needed them to do, and they got right to work. They did all the vacuuming, the bathrooms were cleaned, and I even had the floors in my kitchen cleaned as well. I was more than satisfied with the work I received from the Handy worker.

I had a great party on Saturday, but I have to say that things got a little bit messy, so I made sure to schedule another cleaning for my home for Monday afternoon, even though it was a weekend when I scheduled the appointment. I’ve had Handy come out to my home several times already, and I couldn’t be happier with the work that they are doing. I’ve taken the time to recommend Handy to many of my friends, and I wouldn’t think of hiring another cleaning company in the future except for Handy.