Buy Beneful Dog Food at Wal-Mart

Beneful is a dog food made by Purina. The food is preferred by many pet owners because it is a nutritionally complete product that dogs love to eat. The low cost is also attractive to pet owners on a budget. Beneful dog food is sold at Wal-Mart stores across the country, and is available at the store website for store pickup or home delivery.

Wal-Mart stores carry dry Beneful dog food and the canned varieties. The cost of Beneful at Wal-Mart varies, but as everyone knows, this store is the low-price leader. The store carries the dog food in several sizes and formulas, each affecting the costs.

Coupons for Beneful dog food are available in the Sunday newspaper coupon section, at the Beneful website, and through many other sources. Use your Beneful coupons at Wal -Mart to enjoy further reductions in the cost of the dog food.