Bernardo Chua and the OrganoGold Brand Takes the World By Storm

The OrganoGold brand is something that gets a lot of publicity, and many people are still finding out more information about the brand. This is what Bernardo Chua has been able to do with his company. He has managed to become a masterful marketing professional that has managed to lead more and more people to the OrganoGold brand, and this shows how dedicated he is at making the brand work.

Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines, and he has shown himself to be a genius when it comes to marketing his brand. He started a business called Gano Excel, and he worked with this business for 5 years. This would a good business start, but OrganoGold would be the business that would really help him shine.

He started the OrganoGold brand 8 years ago, and he has done some amazing things in a very short time. I was amazed to find out that he has managed to reach as many as 35 different countries in less than a decade. I have found this to be very impressive. For someone that grew up in Asia, it was complicated for him to introduce a unique product that was not quite as well known in Canada and the United States.

In Asia the Ganoderma mushroom was commonplace. In Canada and the United States there were many people that had never heard of this type of healing mushroom. I think that this was something that made me take interest in what Bernardo Chua was doing. He could have played it safe and simply used the same ingredients that all the other gourmet coffee companies were using. Healthy coffee didn’t seem like it would be something that people would really take interest in, but Bernardo went out on a limb. He made the first successful coffee brand that was labeled healthy coffee.

Chua had no way of knowing, but his healthy coffee was a hit. He would be so successful with this coffee that he would actually be able to expand the brand. This brand has evolved into beverages and healthy skin care products.  That’s a part of the reason BusinessForHome has charted their growth as something so special.