Animals To Benefit During Winter Through A GoFundMe Campaign By Ross Abelow

Recently, Ross Abelow, a longtime lawyer in New York City started a fundraiser to benefit the city animals. He launched it on January 13th 2016. The objective of the fundraiser is to raise $5000. The amount will be given to shelters in order to facilitate them to cater for medical care, food and blankets for the vulnerable and homeless animals under their care.

During winter, temperatures drop drastically. Many of the homeless animals are often left out because of lack of financial resources and space to cater for them. Ross Abelow’s effort is meant to avert animal deaths and keep them in the shelters. His fundraiser seeks to support these shelters.

Ross Abelow was licensed in 1990 to practice law in the state of New York. He has been a resident of the area for a long time. Ross Abelow attended the State University of New York for his undergraduate studies. After completing his studies, he received his law degree from the Brooklyn Law School where he graduated in 1989.

Since graduating, Ross Abelow has focused much on families, especially in matrimonial and family law. In addition, he specializes in other areas like commercial litigation and entertainment law. Ross Abelow’s experience in legal matters spans over 26 years. He has actively defended clients since he became a partner at the Abelow & Cassandro Law firm.

No matter the situation, an individual or business is guaranteed of top services from Ross Abelow. This is because he is licensed to practice, well educated and has passed the character evaluation test. He abides by the code of professional responsibility and most importantly, he has the necessary experience in legal matters. Additionally, he abides by the conflicts of interest prohibitions. Ross upholds confidentiality when it comes to communication with his clients. The attributes above sets Ross Abelow apart from other professionals. These attributes have given him a strong reputation among his peers as well as clients.

In his free time, Ross Abelow writes on his personal blog that specializes on legal and financial matters. He also submits legal articles to blogs like Crown Point New York. Ross Abelow has an active presence in the web including sites such as Facebook as well as Mashable. More details about the fundraiser can be located on the GoFundMe page. Additionally, he can be contacted through the site to answer any other questions that donors may have regarding the fundraiser.