Aloha Restoration Is Excited For Winter And Excited For The Glowing Endorsement That It Is Receiving From A Local Sports Hero

One thing that is certain about today’s society is the fact that people love their sports heroes and personalities. Due to this, it is always a winning formula whenever a local company can team up with a local sports hero. Such is the case with Lake Zurich, Illinois based Aloha Restoration. This firm proudly operates as the restoration as well as renovation extension of the well-known Lake Zurich construction and general contracting organization Aloha Construction. The brand new Aloha Restoration has been the firm’s answer to the increasing demand for restoration work. Aloha Restoration represents an extension of the work that Aloha Construction was already engaged in. Now Aloha Restoration has joined forces with Chicago area sports hero Tom Thayer. Tom is a former offensive lineman who played for Chicago’s Bears NFL team and was a part of the franchise’s Super Bowl championship win as a culmination of the 1985 season. These days, Tom Thayer plies his football knowledge as the voice of the Bears gameday on the radio.


Aloha’s President David Farbaky is the founder of Aloha Construction/Restoration and he is also a lifelong fan of the Chicago Bears. Due to this, he has really been thrilled to be able to work with one of his sports heroes in Tom Thayer. For his part, Tom Thayer has been doing an amazing job at letting the public know that Aloha Restoration is the company to go to for all restoration needs, particularly as this coming winter is fast approaching.


A major factor behind the opening up of Aloha Restoration has to do with the need to focus on areas such as mold removal as well as the process of water removal. Both of these issues can cause major damages to homes and when these problems are significant, they require the services of a professional mold removal contractor and water removal service. Aloha Restoration excels in this area among many others.