Aloha Construction and the Future of the Industry

An upward trend of residential construction has become the highest contributor to the increase of jobs in the construction industry. More than 5,100 additional jobs to be exact and this was probably due to realtors building home to sell or individuals were finding that owning a home was more preferable than renting. Aloha Construction were amongst one of the few companies in the industry to see an increase of jobs. Aloha Construction headquarters and its counterparts are based in Lake Zurich, IL. The company, which specializes mostly in roofing, gutter works and siding, were contacted many times throughout the year to do these roofing jobs. These niches that Aloha Construction specializes in allows them to stand out in the industry and to keep developing their skills in the construction trade more so than others.

Aloha Construction proudly serves the Southern Wisconsin region and the people of Illinois, their biggest jobs are during the spring season because of the brutal damages seen during the region’s harsh winters. Aloha Construction has completed more than 17,000 roofing contracts during the past few years, proving that they’re experienced and professional in an industry that face the concern of having unskilled laborers. The company’s roofers and siding contractors have to complete their home improvement training at the Vinyl Siding Institute to become certified and insured. The Aloha Construction team of specialist consists of the construction workers and their niche specialties, field supervisors, managers, inspectors, installers and office staff. US industries today are facing an upcharge of some building materials needed to complete projects, one such material is framing lumber. The primary supplier is Canada and the US is disputing over the softwood trade, this has affected the supply and demand of framing lumber. With situations like this happening, the construction companies will still hold strong.

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