Alexander Gama’s Epic Advertising Career

     Alexandre Gama’s profile is unmatched in the Brazilian media and advertising sector. Neogama, Gama’s advertising agency, is among the leading ad companies in the South American nation. He was previously employed with BBH as a chief executive creative officer, a position no Brazilian had attained before. He is also the only Brazilian ad executive ever to make it to the Global Creative Board.


Born in 1958, Alexandre Gama started his career in the advertising world aged 24 after Standart Ogilvy recruited him as a writer. Prior to this job, Gama had graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from FAAP, Rio de Janeiro. Eight years into his career, he became a copywriter for DM9, a job he held for four years. Before establishing Neogama in 1999, Gama was the CEO at Young and Rubicam.


As the CEO of Neogama, Alexandre Gama has received a handful of awards. Among the prestigious awards he has ever won include Officer of the Agency of the Year in 2006 edition of Professional Contribution Award.