How The RealReal Plans To Change The Future Of Luxury Shopping

The RealReal, an online luxury consignment store, promotes authenticity. The company recently opened a store in the SoHo Location in New York. The company was founded by Julie Wainwright, the former Chief Executive Officer of and

The RealReal has a team of brand authenticators, horologists, and gemologists look over luxury items to ensure that those items are authentic. Wainwright says that The RealReal helps buyers gain the feeling of being a connoisseur of elite luxury fashion.

Wainwright says that the idea to start the company was based on a shopping trip that she took with a friend in Silicon Valley. They stopped in a boutique and purchased several luxury consignment items. Wainwright started doing research on the secondhand luxury market. She searched through her own personal items and tried selling them on eBay, local pawn shops, and local consignment stores. Wainwright’s experiences through selling her personal items led her to open The RealReal. The company has offices in New York and California, and has raised over a hundred million dollars in venture capital.

The company website has millions of members. Wainwright says that The RealReal has attracted people who have never purchased secondhand clothing. The RealReal has thousands of luxury items that are professionally photographed. Wainwright believes that feature gives The RealReal an advantage over the competition. Another feature on the company website is that every page loads with a waterfall effect. This feature was created to help enhance the shopping experience for buyers.

The RealReal organizes free workshops to help give customers some inside information on luxury fashion items. The company even has a guide to help customers learn the proper pronunciation of different items. Wainwright says that this is intended to help make the luxury fashion market more appealing to people who may have never considered themselves to be fashion experts.

Wainwright says that the artistic influence of The RealReal comes from her background. Wainwright hopes that The RealReal will change how people shop for elite fashion items.

New Law Offering $5 Million Reward to Those Reporting Laundering of Foreign Corruption Assets in the United States

     For the longest time now, most of the foreign corruption assets end up being laundered in the United States. Though there have been strict laws to combat this vice, much has not been achieved. A Brazilian attorney, Bruno Fagali says that this can be attributed to the fact that most of these laundering cases go unreported to the United States authorities. Now there is a new bill before Washington, seeking to offer more incentive to citizens of the affected countries to report these crimes. This is the Cleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Act.

The huge reward will work

This act suggests that a reward amounting to $5 million be offered to anyone who successfully helps uncover foreign corruption assets laundering in the United States. Bruno Fagali is of the opinion that if this law is passed, those who are engaging in this vice have a lot to worry about. This is because the general public will have good enough reason to go after corrupt individuals hiding their wealth abroad. In addition to that, even among the corrupt systems, those not satisfied with how things are done will rat out their bosses just so that they can claim the reward.

The nitty gritty of the act

Bruno Fagali specializes his law practice around Regulatory Law, Urban Law, and Administrative Law. This internationally recognized Brazilian lawyer who is also a specialist in ethics and compliance says that this law will only offer rewards to those who help shade light on government finance corruption.

To help avoid the loopholes that may come with such a reward, public servants will not be entitled to this reward. This will help curb instances of neglect of duty among public servants. Every public servant must report corruption cases to the relevant government body rather than hold that information in the hope of a payout.

With this in mind, Bruno Fagali says that this act does not bar the payment of the reward to a reporter of the laundering who may have at an instance participated in the government corruption act itself. This means that one can sell out their co-conspirators in a government corruption scandal and will still be rewarded.

Whitney Wolfe Stumbles Into Bumble

Anytime a woman finds success in the male-dominated corridors of the tech-world, it is sure to make waves. As the founder and CEO of the dating app Bumble, that is just the response that Whitney Wolfe was hoping for. Her rise to the top has taken a few twists and turns, but, for the Utah native, she has never shied from taking risks.

Whitney Wolfe graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in international studies. Despite what may seem like an inauspicious start, Wolfe hadn’t even graduated before she’d launched two successful business ventures: tote bags to raise money for the Help Us Project, supporting the BP oil spill damage, and a line of clothing, Tender Heart, to raise awareness and funds for human trafficking. It was after graduation, however, that Wolfe made her first big splash in the world of tech.


She joined Hatch Labs IAC at the age of 22, and it was there that Whitney Wolfe helped found and create the wildly popular dating app, Tinder, even coming up with its tag, now a household name. In 2014, Wolfe abruptly left Tinder, leaving a trail of sexual harassment accusations. The case was eventually settled out of court, but out of that painful experience, Bumble was born.

Feeling burned by her experience with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe initially hoped to create a positive social network for females, but a phone call from Andrey Adreev, founder of the largest dating service on the planet, Badoo, changed everything. With Adreev’s encouragement, Wolfe returned to the world of dating apps, but this time, it would be on her terms.

At the heart of Bumble’s service is an innovation that Whitney Wolfe is very proud of. Bumble shifts the balance of power in the world of dating; women are required to make the first move. The purpose of Bumble is not just to empower women, but Wolfe believes, to also take some of the pressure off men. The entrepreneur wasn’t satisfied to just stop at dating. Bumble has now expanded into a full-blown social network, with Bumble BFF for making friends, and Bumble Bizz for networking and business opportunities.

Amidst all her success, Wolfe managed to find a love match of her own. Shortly after her departure from Tinder, Wolfe married restauranteur and investor, Michael Herd. Perhaps foreshadowing what she was about to create at Bumble, Wolfe was the one to pursue him.

The Power Of Netpicks Is Very High

Just like virtually every other lucrative business opportunity, breaking into the world of trading stocks often takes many years of constant effort, trial, failure, and enviable amounts of good luck.

Considering that just about everyone on planet Earth who earns more than a living wage wants to invest their excess dollars earned in financial instruments like bonds and stocks that could potentially earn their respective investors more money than what would otherwise be available by working.

Ways to knock trading success in all financial instruments out of the proverbial park

Just a few days ago, the finance and investment company titled Netpicks published a list of a few things that all investors should do to make sure their chances of success in building their portfolios. Here is a brief rundown of the four most important tips Netpicks provided to investors around the world just days ago.

People often overthink investing. While the field often does, in fact, require quite a bit of sophisticated information, too many people ignore the bulk trading price of major stock swaps they’re facing in the immediate future. More on

Naked trading is a type of financial market activity in which its competitors simply hop right in and get down to business. Netpicks says always let an expert in the field lead these expeditions.

About the powerful company Netpicks

Netpicks is one of the World Wide Web’s top information hubs for educational material as it relates to investing in all sorts of assets. Some of these financial instruments, according to Netpicks’ official website, include stock options, stock shares in companies that are traded on the world’s largest stock exchanges, exchange-traded funds that help investors stay ahead of market fluctuations, and foreign currency exchange rate swaps done to take advantage of various interest rates and inflation levels (

The company was created by Mr. Mark Soberman in 1996 in none other than the relatively small town of Irving, Texas. Collectively, Netpicks is fortunate enough to have had the likes of Mr. Soberman – he’s one of the finest investing gurus in all of Irving and its surrounding towns and counties.

Ami Shah Joins Fortress Investment Group to Create Patent Financing Platform

Ami Shah a leader in the world of IP strategist and she has built a reputation by building a world-class approach to establishing IP value at major corporations such as Intel and has joined the Fortress Investment Group to create a powerful structured patent debt financing platform that will revolutionize the way IP technology will be monetized in the future. Ami has degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and she also holds a Juris Doctorate that provides a structured educational foundation to leverage and evaluate various intellectual property legal analyses that can be utilized to evaluate and analyze the profitability of intellectual asset classes. Ami is a member of the Maryland Bar Association and she is also able to practice as a registered member of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Ami is well respected by her peers as one of the world’s best and most proficient minds within IP evaluation and monetization. After deciding to join the Fortress Investment Group, Ami quickly became Managing Director at Fortress and Partner and began the process to systematically formulate a strategic structure patent financing platform that could be utilized at Fortress as a powerful weapon to capitalize on intellectual property assets in the future.

Fortress Investment Group has been recognized as one of the largest and most profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world by specializing in distressed, underperforming, and illiquid asset classes that provide the company with extremely large returns on investment through the shroud and keen experienced managing directors and executives that specialize in these assets. Ami is joining an organization that has the resource capital, experience, and global perspective that can leverage her experience and background to translate her newly found patent knowledge into a structured profitable approach to investing for their institutional and individual investor clients that total more than 1750 around the globe. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by five individuals including Peter Briger, Wes Edens, Michael Novogratz, Rob Kauffman, and Randall Nardone joined together to create this powerful organization that has generated hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under management over the last two decades.

Fortress specializes in alternative asset classes such as real estate, mutual funds, credit, private equity, crypto assets, stocks, bonds, and various other alternative asset classes that have been utilized to create extremely large portfolios for its founding members and its clients. Fortress is led by Co-Chief Executive Officers Wes Edens and Peter Briger who are also co-founders and has provided the organization with valuable leadership and corporate governance that has solidified the company and provided a stable consistent opportunity for growth and expansion from its foundation until the present. With the acquisition of Ami Shah, Fortress is once again expanding its alternative asset investment opportunity into another industry that will no doubt provide consistent structured profits for Fortress Investment Group and its global investor clients. Ami is joining the organization as Managing Director and Partner of the newly-founded Fortress IP Investment Group that is created to evaluate intellectual property Investments through a systematic structured approach to investing that will generate extremely profitable returns do to the evaluation of patents and intellectual property from around the globe.


Sahm Adrangi is a reputable entrepreneur who has gained a lot of experience through working with other companies. Having acquired a degree in economics, he ensures to use the knowledge to make investments better. For many years he has worked as a financial and investment analyzer who analyses the credibility and worth of different companies by checking their credit fund as well as their equity fund.

Through experience and knowledge, he has grown to know reasons why companies are thriving and others declining in growth. Therefore, he passes his evaluation on the various companies through reports which are either positive or negative. Sahm Adrangi has given many releases on different companies with the aim of helping them to step up or keep up with the strategies outlined.

The negative reports given by Sahm Adrangi have touched on many companies which include the Kodak Company and St. Joe Company among many others. For Kodak Company, he stated the reasons why the company’s growth has declined due to the use of wrong strategies. Some of the approach he stated include the use of technologies such as Blockchain without outlining how it will work precisely. Therefore, the company’s ownership is compromised as they are not ready to tackle issues related to Blockchain effects.

Moreover, he stated that Kodak Company is acting out of desperation through the introduction of KODAK Miner. Although it is trying to improve the filming to be digital, the use of such aspects will only lead to ruins as the company will require restructuring in the long run. Therefore, some steps are taken display the desperation of the company rather than a comeback to growth. These among other statement given by Sahm Adrangi show the negative growth of Eastman Kodak Company.

The report on St. Joe Company was also a negative one. The release of the report purposed to help the company put in place strategies that would boost its growth. Being a land development company, it has specialized in many areas such as real estate development and land ownership. According to Sahm, the company is doing minimal activates that will ensure growth as evident for over a decade. Therefore, the hope of achieving its goals is not expected unless activities and strategies are changed.

Lawrence Bender – Prolific Television and Film Producer

Lawrence Bender has produced some of America’s most iconic Oscar award winning films. He is partially responsible for films such as Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill, and Reservoir Dogs. Lawrence Bender has produced many of Tarantino’s greatest films, but he has also been successful elsewhere.

The release of Good Will Hunting marked a career highlight for Lawrence Bender. The film released in 1997, and it is still quoted heavily today. The film also marked the debut of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as writers. They wrote the film, originally portrayed Will Hunting as a physics genius, but the decision to make him a math genius was obviously the better decision.

The film follows Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, a janitor at MIT. Unbeknownst the the staff at the university, Will has a very good understanding of complex math. He solves a problem one of the professors leaves in the hallway, creating intrigue in the school pertaining to who solved the problem.

The movie also follows Will throughout the rest of his life. Will is seen in bars, struggling with love, and spending time with his friend, played by Ben Affleck. Will is also a patient to a therapist played by Robin Williams. The dialogue between Damon and Williams make for some of the greatest moments in movie history.

Lawrence Bender has owned two production companies during his career: A Band A Part and Lawrence Bender productions. A Band A Part was created jointly with Tarantino and handled many of their films up until 2006. Lawrence Bender productions was created after Tarantino and Bender parted ways.

Bender doesn’t limit his production skills to the big screen; he has also produced for over a dozen television shows and specials. He took the popular novel Earthsea and turned it into a miniseries for SyFi. He is also listed as executive producer of recent Netflix original, Seven Seconds.

The Legendary Brazilian Entrepreneurs: Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago may not be a household name in many countries, but in Brazil, he is know as a legendary entrepreneur. He is known for being the owner and manager of the Manaira shopping mall located in his hometown of Joaoa Pessoa. The Manaira mall is famous for being one of the best entertainment and recreational centers in Paraiba.


Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa and since he was young has always been interested in being a business man or entrepreneur. He eventually attended Pio X-Marist College then transferring to University Centre of Joao Pessoa, graduating with a bachelors degree in business administration. He soon started a business called Cartonnage Company which made cartons out of cardboard. The company also sold decorative products.


Not too long after making profit with Cartonnage Company, Robert Santiago began investing in real estate. With this his experience grew, and he became an even better entrepreneur because the land Santiago invested in was where he hatched the idea of opening a shopping mall and in 1987 he actually bought the land and started construction for the Manaira Shopping Mall. In two years time the construction was finished and the Manaira Shopping Mall officially opened.


The mall in itself is impressive enough as it was built on 75,000 square meters. What is even more impressive is the attractions in the mall. The shopping center currently has over 300 stores as well as eleven movie theaters all equipped with the latest cinematic technology. If your fancy is less on movie, the mall also has what they call their Entertainment Grid which features up to 200 gaming machines to cater to any age and taste as well as an electronic amusement park. Manaira Shopping center also is home to the Domus Hall, which is one of the largest concert halls on its rooftop. The Domus Hall can fit 4,000 people sitting and an impressive 10,000 people standing all at one time. The ground floor of the mall is also rented out by some for parties, graduations, weddings, and any kind of celebrations. The Manaira shopping Center not only is a place for entertainment, but it encompasses togetherness and cultural expressions which is what Roberto Santiago had in his mind from the start of his business venture.


Other than the Manaira Shopping Centre, Roberto Santiago founded another major enterprise, the Mangabeira Shopping Center located in his hometown of Joao Pessoa int 2014.


In short Roberto Santiago Epitomizes the ideal entrepreneur with his wildly successful business ventures and his impact on Brazil’s community by providing a place for the masses to just be, and also to have fun and be with friends and family.


The Renowned Brazilian Lawyer Ricardo Tosto Sheds Light on Law 13,254

Whenever it comes to matters involving law, many people do not really have a thorough knowledge of the standards set that’s why it is very crucial to have lawyers who can diffuse doubts and ignorance in the minds of many. With law 13,254 which is basically involving Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers in matters concerning asset regularization abroad, many have scratched their heads in anticipation of what the law could be really benefiting them. To wipe the grease in the eyes of many, an experienced lawyer Ricardo Tosto comes up to explain the law.

According to Ricardo Tosto and other well-known personalities like Nelson William, Advogados and Associates Gil Vincente Gama who says that this is a very beneficial move and a positive partnership which will benefit many. It is worth noting that the transfer of resources between two countries has been squeezed with a lot of regularities and restrictions and so this move will create a very good bridge in the repatriation of resources between Brazil and other countries. However, the law didn’t just happen; it has gone through a lot of forces in the assembly for it to be passed.
It is illegal to hold property outside Brazil without the knowledge of the government for the purposes of tax. This law is an avenue of allowing everyone who holds illegal resources outside the country to regularize them and keep them disclosed. Ricardo Tosto studied at Presbyterian University where he studied Law and consequently he studied Business Administration at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He is a renowned partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados which is one of the largest law firms in Brazil.

Besides being a lawyer, Mr. Ricardo Tosto is also an entrepreneur who has fought the barriers and became who he is today. He has represented various organizations, firms, companies, and individuals including politicians using his capabilities and experience. He is among the best lawyers in Brazil who is known not to lose their cases in court whatsoever. He has been on the forefront of creating and enactment of various laws in Brazil aimed at benefiting the whole society. Ricardo Tosto is a great role model to various associates which he has trained and raised them to be practicing lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto’s  Social Media:

PSI Pay Delivers Innovative Banking

PSI Pay delivers innovative banking with the worlds first wearable electronic ring device. The United Kingdom-based company was founded in 2007. PSI Pay is a fintech niche company that specializes in credit cards and financial services. The financial company became a prestigious Principle Member of MasterCard. PSI Pay has been an active issuer of MasterCard products since 2009. The company teamed up with Kerv Wearables, a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in alternative payment capabilities and solutions.


Both companies came together in unison to bring forth transformational banking technologies. Kerv introduced a new contactless payment ring which will allow customers to utilize 38 million MasterCard payment locations globally. The ring’s technology is independent of smartphones, and it alleviates the need to carry a wallet of credit cards and debit cards. Payments can easily and safely be made by the motion or gesture of the contactless smart ring. Kerv customers may utilize the innovative payment platform with online or offline merchants who accept MasterCard.


The device has multiple positive characteristics including the fact that it offers an extra layer of security in regards to data breaches. It also reduces time spent in long merchant lines and eliminates the need to carry multiple credit or debit cards. Per Phil Campbell, the Founder of Kerv, the device will be much more than a high-tech payment instrument, he adds that the company looks to reach data sharing and access management capabilities as well.


PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have faced challenges and hurdles in the advent of launching the contactless payment ring in 2015. Even so, the project surpassed their sales expectations and garnered numerous awards nationwide. PSI Pay has brought banking to new levels with the introduction of the smart ring payment device. The future of smart wearables is extremely favorable. As time passes, technology will continue to evolve. This creates more and more opportunities for businesses and individuals to modernize day to day transactions, including banking.