Benefits of Enhancing Cellular Vitality with Elysium Health

The world seems to be larger than ever, with growing populations, emerging industries, and international connection through the web. Though there are some growing pains as a result of the expansion, many industries have made significant strides in the 21st century. One such field is healthcare, where new discoveries and innovation across several areas are being made every day. As we learn more about our health and how to maintain it, the healthcare industry grows.

One such area of interest is focused on tackling health at the cellular level. Without well-functioning cells, body systems such as tissues and organs cannot work efficiently, which can diminish energy and physical functioning. It is therefore essential to maintain cell vitality by keeping your cells well nourished, not through active treatments, but preventative care such as healthy diet, regular exercise, dietary supplements, and more.

Elysium Health

One of the ways that consumers can maintain cellular wellness is by taking supplements. There are companies in the business of vitamins and dietary supplements, and the industry is growing rapidly. In 2010, the nutritional supplements industry reached $28 billion and is currently estimated to increase to $36 billion by the end of 2017. Many people have already realized that supplements are not only for athletes–anyone can take them to promote cell health.

Established in 2014, Elysium Health is a dietary supplement company with a mission to help people achieve long term wellness. Elysium works directly with leading, world-class scientists and the company is devoted to creating supplements that make a measurable difference through research and by applying advances in science and technology. Their flagship product – Basis – is clinically backed and has been designed to support and enhance your cell vitality.

Basis – Clinically Proven Daily Supplement

With over 25 years of research behind it, the Basis daily supplement has been created to support cellular health by sustaining and increasing NAD+ levels in our cells. NAD+ is an enzyme required in the body for energy generation, regulating circadian processes, and maintaining DNA. Since our NAD+ levels decrease as we age, daily Basis supplement can ensure your NAD + body levels are constant and not breaking down ultimately guaranteeing improved cell health and vitality. The supplement is available on Elysium Health’s website, where you can get a one-time purchase or a subscription.

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Waiakea Water Builds Upon its Revolutionary Product

Waiakea is a revolutionary bottled water brand that is flying off the shelves for a good reason. The brand employs a transparent manufacturing process. Consumers know what has gone into the bottle, where it’s come from and how it is packaged. The water is harvested from a volcanic well in Hawaii and brings numerous health benefits. It has a smooth, satisfying taste and is packed with natural minerals and vitamins that are good for your health.

Waiakea bottled water is certified carbon neutral and naturally alkaline. In a rich history of many firsts from Waiakea, the company has developed a fully degradable bottle. The revolutionary technology is expected to revolutionize the plastic packaging industry well beyond the bottled water sector. The new bottle is 100% recyclable and fully degradable.

The bottle is strong enough to handle the rigors of bottling and usage while remaining adequately weak to degrade a hundred times faster than standard plastic bottles. Scientists had to reverse their approach to make a weaker plastic rather than a stronger one as is the norm. The company is expected to maintain consumer prices as the cost of the new technology is negligible when integrated into the current manufacturing process.

Ryan Emmons launched Waiakea in 2012. The company has been grown rapidly doubling in size and revenue every year. It’s signing more distributors to the stable. Customers are making a beeline to the Waiakea shelf in affiliated stores, and a highly popular online membership service.

The company’s bottled water line is entirely sustainable. It is also committed to ensuring people around the world get access to safe, clean drinking water. A slice of the firm’s revenue from the sales of the bottled water goes to Pump Aid, a prominent non-profit that provides sustainable access to clean water to underprivileged communities in rural Africa.

The brand has become the most awarded beverage in North America owing to its emphasis on transparency, health and sustainability strategies. Inc. 500, Hermes Creative Awards, Best in Biz Awards and World Beverage Innovations Awards have recognized it among numerous others. The brand is also redefining the industry through disruptive engagements of consumers on their social media platforms.

Louis Chenevert’s Legacy Continues to Champion Innovation

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert has held a myriad of executive positions throughout his successful career, and it is through his continued trend of success, that his legacy casts such a wide shadow. As the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, a company that is completely geared around the cultivation of advanced technology, Mr. Chenevert consistently pushed for innovation and forward-thought. Before joining UTC, Mr. Chenevert began working for Pratt and Whitney Canada in 1993, where after six years, he became President, and he later spent 14 years working for General Motors, eventually rising to Production General Manager.

Today, there is a legacy of high standards at United Technologies Corporation; one that was directly influenced by Louis Chenevert. During his time at UTC, Mr. Chenevert was responsible for the company’s significant rise during the recession, as well as for the acquisition of Goodrich; reportedly for a sum of $18.4 billion. Throughout his career, Louis Chenevert placed heavy emphasis on innovation, believing that investing in the latest tech, as well as in the education of the people that make up the company, is integral in the longterm success of the company. Gregory Hayes, the current Chief Executive Officer of UTC, has continued the sentiments created by Mr. Chenevert and has publicly supported the school of thought that suggests a CEO should leave a company in better standings that he found it in. Investment sits firmly at the heart of innovation and preparation for the future due to the significant impact that it can have on the economy, as well as the role it plays in the overall job market. There is also the belief that an educated workforce will create a self-soothing cycle, because, as new ideas are created by these educated workers, they’ll also be in a much better position to pay back the debts acquired for schooling. Mr. Chenevert’s commitment to innovation has helped to create a company in UTC, that today creates the most advanced jet engines, as well as a stronghold on the heating and air conditioning markets.

Securus Technologies Moving the Network Industry through Smart Collaborations

Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986. The company specializes in technology in the US prisons and is based in Dallas Texas. I have found out that the main aim of Securus Technologies is to connect and serve by giving information, investigating, biometric analysis, in-mate service, information management, and public information. Its focus lies on joining what matters. In the past years, Securus Technologies provide telephone services to Inmates in the US prisons. The rates were on a high compared to those of general public. The company introduced a system that controlled contraband cell phones sometime last year. The company received approval from over five departments in different correctional facilities. Among the achievements, Securus Technologies has done been able to achieve been the announcement of a wireless technology developed to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to different mobile networks.


In past Securus Technologies have the made definitive moves to acquire the leading technological company known as JPay. The two groups came together and combined their products and services to enable both companies to obtain maximum benefits of the different products and services that synchronize in a complimentary way for the users. Securus technologies were in a position to offer high tech softwares easily. The software’s were highly functional to the correctional agencies as they were used in the operations of the jails and the prisons. In collaboration with Securus Technologies, JPay’s develops revolutionary products that gain massive adaptation on a broad scale. The development takes much less time compared to when JPay worked single-handedly.


Securus Technologies maintains the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for purposes that include; correction and monitoring, public safety and investigation among other solutions. The company received a Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating accreditation. Securus Technologies also made an establishment in-house domestic call centers of 220 seats. The move was achieved in the largest industry. This progression enabled Securus to have more control over the customer service management and also helped the company in the implementation of the required standards of BBB that saw the firm becomes accredited. The company now prides itself in satisfaction score of about 4.3 in a range of 5.


NetPicks Is For You

Are you looking to make more money? If so, have you considered trading for adding to your finances? This is an option that you should definitely look into because it can give you quite a bit of monetary rewards once you know what you are doing in it. As you are starting out, it may be confusing because you will need to learn about the foreign sector. This sector is known by the majority as Forex. Forex is something that you must learn and master in order to well, and it can be extremely difficult to do so. Don’t worry because there is a company that can help you to master it completely. It is NetPicks.

With NetPicks, you will be able to learn so much about the trading industry. You will master Forex, and be able to make the money that you always wanted. The people that work for NetPicks are there to help you when you need it. Read this relevant article on

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If you have questions, they will have the answers that you need. For this reason, you will really make strides in your trading adventures. There are all types of strategies that you can learn from them because they are experts in the field. They will give you all kinds of ideas that can give you the necessary knowledge that you need to meet your financial goals. Your success is their success too, and they are behind you every step of the way. Check on this and be updated with their latest timeline activities.

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As the company moves into the future, they will attract more and more clients. They are well known, and their popularity has increased even more. Since they can do wonders to help people make a splash in the trading industry, they care about others and want them to do well. This is something that they will always do, and this makes them a company that other people respect. Read and learn more about trading, click on

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The bright Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the partners at the Tostos and the associate’s company. Ricardo has been among the strategists and entrepreneurs of the laws in Brazil. The entrepreneur has been successful in the litigation process where he majorly deals with business. Ricardo Tosto has really made a bold step compared to the other companies that he commencing working the same time.

Ricardo Tosto’s office is among the largest law firms in Brazil. The attorney defended numerous companies and individuals in the legal cases. The cases later were acknowledged throughout the whole country. Ricardo’s firm represented the multinational groups and the large groups in Brazil. The Non-governmental organizations, politicians who had varying opinions and the government personnel were advocated for at his company.

Ricardo Tosto has been able to understand the necessities of his job. This has enabled him to win very many cases. The litigation that his office represents has been honored for their good services. The team too has propelled the office to greater recognition by eminent personnel. Ricardo Tosto’s office has enabled new laws to be created in Brazil.

The laws have been of great help to the country as the economy has improved through their application. Several mechanisms that involved the legal offices were employed that have transformed the country greatly. Many individuals that had joined Ricardo’s firm as trainees later became his associates. This is due to their hard work that they demonstrated while working at his company.

Ricardo Tosto is directly in charge of supervising cases that are important to him. The attorney also collects results of the cases that have been submitted. Individuals dealing with cases involving errors are advised of the steps that they should take. Ricardo also develops strategies that that could help the management of his firm. The entrepreneur guides his trainees through the strategies. Ricardo studied law at the prestigious Mackenzie Presbyterian.

Give NetPicks A Try

Making a way in the trading industry can be difficult for some people. They are not sure what they are doing, and they need assistance at some time. As they are learning, they will get to know about foreign trading. This is the biggest part of trading where a lot of money exchanges hands. This is also known as Forex. Forex can be frightening to some people because it is complicated and difficult to learn.

That is why there is a company named NetPicks that will assist others in learning all about trading so that they can make the most money possible in it. This company believes in getting others to reach their financial goals so that they can have a much better life. It is very good to have a company like NetPicks to go to when a trader is having difficulty in understanding something in the Forex or regular trading field.  Check for additional investing tips.

The people that work at NetPicks have been trading for a number of years. They do this every day of their lives, and they love it. Since they are very professional and knowledgeable, they are able to teach others how to do it to. If a person just wants to dabble in it, learn it more or do it on a daily basis, they will help them to do so. They are there to answer the questions that their clients may have so that they can assist them in many ways as they make their mark in the trading industry.  Watch and learn from their tutorials in their video streaming channel on

Clients love how they are treated at NetPicks.   They tend to brag to other people about the company.  Read this important review on NetPicks, hit   Before long, their friends, family members and colleagues are reaching out to NetPicks for help. This gives the company an even better footing in the trading industry, and their future looks to be even more promising. For the latest news and updates on their timeline activities, hop over to this.

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How Life Insurance Works No Matter What

Life insurance in today’s modern world is a miracle product because it works whether you live or die. You can establish an estate that is legally sound for just a fraction of what will ultimately be left to your family should you die prematurely. And if you live to retirement and beyond, life insurance can help to provide funds for your golden years.

The Freedom Life Insurance company has products that can help you to accomplish both objectives and protect your family and your later years at the same time. Life insurance consists of two very distinct types of policies and you should be aware of both.

Term life insurance covers your needs if you should die prematurely very well. It is the least expensive type as it is temporary. It will enable you to purchase lots of life insurance, but it will expire in 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. However, when your family is young it will provide the most death benefit to protect them.

Permanent life insurance, or whole life coverage, covers you for the “whole’ of your life, and that is why it is also called whole life. It has a level premium as opposed to a term which will possibly increase in price as you age. Permanent life insurance also has a cash value that builds up within the policy. The cash value is really a reserve that is designed to offset the mortality risk that increases each year.

The cash value of a whole life policy can be borrowed by the owner of the policy and use for whatever use is desired. The loan can be paid back at any time as well. If a death occurs, the death benefit is the face amount of the policy less any outstanding loans. The cash value can add a significant amount of money to your retirement funding plans when you reach the age of retirement.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers both kinds of life coverage. When planning for your life insurance estate, both kinds of coverage, term and permanent is usually combined to take advantage of both types of coverage. Freedom Life Insurance has expert agents to help you with setting up a plan that is tailored to your needs.

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Troy McQuagge and Insurance Expertise

Troy McQuagge works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The professional has just received the “CEO of the Year” distinction from the highly regarded One Planet Awards organization. One Planet Awards refers to a prominent awards program that recognizes great work in the business world. It focuses on industries of all kinds as well. One Planet Awards assesses businesses that come from all different corners of the globe. These include private and public businesses alike. They include businesses of all sizes. They even include both established and emerging options.

McQuagge has been a part of the USHealth team since 2010. He quickly started transforming the firm after that. McQuagge is USHealth’s diligent CEO. He’s also its equally diligent President. He’s based in the Dallas, Texas area. The executive is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He attended the institution of higher learning in 1982. He earned a legal studies bachelor degree. He was also highly involved in extracurricular activities during his time there. He participated in tennis when he wasn’t studying.

This individual is someone who has a commitment to great work in his career. He’s also a person who has a dedication to volunteer work that’s peerless. He does a lot of charitable work in his spare time. He devotes his energy to charitable organizations such as HopeKids Dallas, the Semper Fi Fund, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Nursery Phoenix and Phoenix of New Orleans. McQuagge has numerous causes that are particularly close to his heart. Examples of these are human rights, human health, humanitarian relief, disaster relief, social action, civil rights and, last but not least, children. McQuagge goes above and beyond to assist organizations that aim to help these matters in the community.

McQuagge possesses a wide range of abilities and skills that aid him in his busy career. He’s a person who knows a lot about disability insurance, health insurance, long term care insurance, sales management, legal liability, managed care, health policies, financial planning, commercial insurance, group insurance and insurance brokerages. People can ask McQuagge all types of questions that pertain to health savings accounts, commercial lines, whole life, umbrella insurance, retirement planning, vision insurance, accident insurance and workers compensation.

McQuagge is an efficient and animated sales and insurance expert. He’s been working hard in those fields for roughly three decades now. He has extensive experience in all kinds of work settings. He knows how to handle startup organizations that have just recently launched. He knows how to deal with companies that are all about significant expansion. He even knows how to manage turnarounds of all varieties. He has the ability to fix dilemmas that are rather difficult. Visit at Twitter.


Scott Rocklage’s Great Leadership

5AM Ventures is a very successful organization due to the contribution of Scott M.Rocklage. he started working at the company as a venture partner in 2003. Soo after that, Rocklage went higher and became the managing partner since his job at the firm kept being impressive thus being known globally. So far he has an experience of 30 years at the organization and work becomes easy every day. Prior to being with 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage was the CEO and president of Nycomed Salutar and served as the chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He had the opportunity of being one of the top leaders at Salutar and Catalytica because of his contribution at the firms. Moving on he was also part of Relypsa( NASDAQ: RLYP) as their chairman. He is currently the chairman of Cidara, Rennovia, and Kinestral. He successfully achieved a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California and a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT. One of his greatest achievements is publishing more than 100 books as well as starting more than 30US bonds. Rocklage resides at Boston MA Office.


The man purpose of starting 5AM Ventures was to manage and create science projects that will change the world. Scott and his team worked hard to have this start. They also focused on venture capital. This organization has been able to stand out because it has unique methods of handling its work efficiently. The routine of Scott Rocklage is as follows; finding out the new concepts of life science, implementing teamwork and working with them and being able to participate in different board meetings. His association with prominent people such as scientists, physicians and executives help Scott to implement good medicine that will make the lives of various patients better. He is a hardworking individual who is also devoted to what he does thus he came up with a certain genotype that contributes to the treatment of cancer. Learn more:


He is a keen individual who does his work in order and achieves everything that he sets his mind to. He is a role model to business people who are just beginning, he tells them they should be risk takers if they want to be successful.