Mike Baur Offers Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur believes that there is a lot of innovation in Switzerland. The problem is not the lack of innovation. He believes that in Switzerland there is a lack of startup businesses, and he thinks that this is the thing that needs to be considered much more often. A lot of people may be scared to go in business for themselves because they may not have the central building blocks that it takes to actually get started. Mike wanted to change that and he wanted to change the way that people approached entrepreneurship. That is why he created the Swiss Startup Factory. He wanted to actually give a lot of Swiss businessmen the chance to get the same type of experience that many other entrepreneurs in America get for building their businesses. Mike has a symbol a great team with the 360 accelerator program and he wants the Swiss Startup Factory two help people expand to International businesses.


Mike Baur is certainly someone that has managed to build a successful organization of consultants that help other entrepreneurs. He was in the banking industry for two decades, but he really was tired of the banking business. He wanted to do something that he was much more passionate about, and that is how he would gain a greater perspective about helping others. He made a commitment to work on the startup business scene in a way that many others business leaders may have considered before. He decided to create different divisions of his company where entrepreneurs could get advice at an accelerated pace. He decided to put mentors and place that could actually help people that were starting up get the necessary coaching that they need it in order to take their business to new heights.


What Mike has done is give entrepreneurs in Switzerland a chance to consider a global perspective for their business. There are some small companies that are simply going to do small business in Switzerland. This is fine, but Mike Baur believes that there are innovators in Switzerland that are able to take their businesses on a global level. He believes that teaching students about what they actually need to do to make their business thrive will help any business owner grow. People that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone can accomplish great things when they connect with mentors at the Swiss Startup Factory.


Patty Rocklage Owns A Model Home to Emulate

After touring the Sunbury showroom, Patty and her husband Scott decided that they wanted a piece of the pleasant surprise and decided to transform their home through renovations. The two needed a couple of renovations done at their home to ensure that they got the best use of their home. They had decided to hire different subcontractors to handle each part of the projects until they got to learn about Ed Freedlender’s potential in whole house renovation.Ed provides a lot of cost saving options without compromising quality. The company looks at the entire home and operates everything from one source. This way, clients get to save a lot of time, money and energy. It is the disconnection between their kitchen area and family rooms that Patty and Scott did not like. The Sunbury Company drew some design possibilities to join the spaces into one seamless solution. This renovation would serve as an excellent model upon which other customers could base when looking for excellent renovators of their homes. Upon receiving a retainer, Ed and his team of creative designers got to work to transform the home of the psychologists Patty.

Patty Rocklage is a psychologist with a passion for helping people. She has excellent communication skills and is known for being an experienced and accomplished professional whose warm communication styles has won hearts of many clients. She is passionate about helping families and couples better their relationships especially when it comes to facing struggles together. She has been practicing counseling and marriage psychology for over two decades, which makes her a pro in this field.

Rocklage currently lives in Massachusetts, which is where she practices. She is not only a qualified and established professional but also a supportive wife to Scott Rocklage who is a busy scientist. The two have been philanthropic as seen by their recent donation or gift to the MIT where they contributed significantly towards the building of a new Chemistry lab as a way of showing gratitude for Scott’s gain while at the institution. This major gift was received with gratitude.

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Renown Health Credits Expansion to A Potentially Greater Need for Medical Clinics in The Future

In an article by Northern Nevada Business Weekly, Renown Health was featured due to their recent expansion into the South Reno area. Renown Health is opening a family practice clinic in the area at the Summit Mall. The clinic will focus on primary care services and also have a laboratory with the possibility of adding services in the future.

The Medical Director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack spoke with a representative of Northern Nevada Business Weekly in an interview stating that the facility was designed to be more inviting and comfortable for those seeking services. He stated that when a patient comes into the facility they wanted it to look like their living room. The space will also be flexible enough to add more services and even has a conference room where medical staff can consult with patients on their healthcare needs.

The space has the flexibility to add more services in the future but McCormack stated that with recent events concerning healthcare with the Trump administration that they may delay such services until further developments due to the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

The facility is 10,000 square feet and covers three vacant store fronts. Dr. McCormack stated that Renown Health had been looking to make a big push in primary care clinics as more people flood the area they are moving into South Reno or Spanish Springs.

Renown Health is northern Nevada’s largest and only integrated not-for-profit health system. Operating as a non-profit allows funding to stay in the local area and Renown Health reinvests those funds into people, programs, equipment and the local community.

Renown is a nationally recognized healthcare leader with a firm commitment to patient care. They have a dedicated staff and state of the art facilities and also provides training for future doctors and nurses. They are a firm believer in excellence in healthcare.