The Copastar, opening its doors in Copacabana, is literally the star of Rede D’Or in Rio. It will join the portfolio of eight other hospitals in the group, with the difference being the cutting-edge unit. You will have, for example, innovative techniques in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery.


– Even in times of crisis, we persist and continue growing attentive to quality, and thus maintaining the loyalty of doctors and patients. We seek to offer technical quality and state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, as well as innovation and highly competent professionals – says director Rodrigo Gavina.


In the last 12 months, Rede D’Or has been expanding outpatient services, with new medical offices in the network units. Another novelty was the inauguration of the pediatric emergency in Barra D’Or, at the beginning of 2016.


In other recent Copa news, it appears the National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS) has released the list of hospitals that meet important quality criteria to measure the standard of care provided to the population. The data show the performance of the establishments according to three indicators: accreditation, hospital readmission rate and patient safety. This is the first time that ANS has provided information on providers’ attributes, providing subsidies so that consumers can monitor and evaluate services. Of the list of 131 hospitals, 15 are from Rede D’Or São Luiz, among them Copa D’Or, Rios D’Or and State Children’s Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.


“Quality is a priority for ANS and this classification of hospitals brings transparency and security to the health system,” says ANS Sector Development Director, Martha Oliveira. “We will soon expand the evaluation for the Diagnosis and Therapy Support Services (SADT) and for the offices and we will expand the discussion about quality of the Quality Assurance Program of the Service Providers (Qualiss)”, explains the director.


The list of accredited hospitals shows all establishments that have the highest quality certification issued by accrediting health care institutions. Currently, 87% of the hospitals in Rede D’Or São Luiz have accreditation. Accreditation is an external verification procedure of institutional resources and processes adopted by institutions and measures the quality of care through a set of previously established standards. Its voluntary nature presupposes that only those institutions that are genuinely interested in improving the quality of their services qualify for evaluation. Visit their facebook page.

Hedge Fund Legend George Soros Calls Trump A Dictator At The Davos Summit

People have called Donald Trump a lot of things in the privacy of their homes, but there aren’t many people that are willing to take the next step, and publicly gave Trump a damaging label. George Soros, the billionaire investor, and humanitarian, took that next step at the Davos Summit, and he’s not backing down.

George Soros doesn’t back down. That’s why he’s one of the wealthiest people on the planet. He is also one of the people that knows what he’s talking about when it comes to keeping Democracy alive and thriving around the world. George is a refugee that escaped the Nazi occupation of Hungry more than 70 years ago. He managed to land in London and attend the London School of Economics on He earned two degrees and went on to become a Wall Street investor in the 1950s. He is known as the “man that broke the Bank of England.” Soros bet the pound sterling was going to depreciate on Black Wednesday more than 40 years ago, and George made $1 billion that day. Soros hasn’t stopped making money since then. His family hedge fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management.

But in spite of his success, Soros chooses to put himself in front of the world and promote freedom and human rights around the world. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has donated billions of dollars over the last twenty years to organizations that help people that live under a dictatorship or communism. It was no surprise when Soros decided to speak out about Donald Trump at the 2017 Davos Summit. Soros has been very vocal about Trump’s intentions for the last two years. has published several articles about Soros dislike for Trump’s agenda. George spent more than $20 million trying to get Democrats elected in 2016.

Trump and Soros know each other. Mr. Trump asked Soros to invest in his Chicago Hotel when it was being built, and Soros participated. But doing business with Trump, and Trump making political and economic decisions on are two different things. Trump is not qualified to be president, according to Soros, and he wants the world to know it.

At the Davos Summit, Soros told reporters that Trump is a con man and a dictator on Forbes. Trump wants to rule in a Mafioso style, but that won’t work in the United States, according to Soros. The U.S. Constitution will stop Trump from turning the world’s strongest Democracy into a chaotic state run by nationalistic supremacists.

Mr. Soros thinks Trump’s cabinet picks are controversial and divisive and the concept of having three chiefs of staff is a joke. Trump makes decisions on the spur of the moment, and that doesn’t work in this global economy. Starting a trade war with China will hurt the economy, not help it, and imposing a tariff on imported goods will stop the growth of the country’s consumer-driven economy. There’s no doubt, George Soros will continue to speak out against Donald Trump. George has enough money and credibility to make a difference.

Securus Technologies: New & Improved with BBB Rating & Accreditation.

In recent news, Securus Technologies have accomplished the accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For a while, Securus has been working hard with the agency to meet required standards so that the media and customers could see that they deliver the service that they claim. They worked hard in the standards set by the Better Business Bureau, including building trust, telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity. And with this accreditation, Securus shows that the Better Business Bureau has verified, agreed, and confirmed that this company is the biggest and only provider of full spectrum solutions, and they meet the standards set above.


The Statement of Securus Technologies’ CEO


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, stated how he is glad for their accreditation, and he stated how some competitors make exaggerated and wild statements about their abilities. He further stated that accreditation shows they prove what they say, they can actually do.


The Improved & Enhanced Securus Technologies


To the enhancement and improvement of customer service to almost 25 million family members and friends, Securus ensured 220 seats in an in-house domestic call center. This allow for more control for Securus to handle customer service properly, and it allows them to utilize the BBB required standards in accreditation. Their reps are highly trained to stay mindful of these standards. Calls are averaged quickly, and they respond to more than 2.5 millions calls per month on average. This company also ensure a 99% rate in first call resolution. And as a result, Securus has accomplished a 4.3 out of 5 star rating in customer satisfaction scores. This just shows how their commitment to enforcing the Better Business Bureau Standards create great results.


Williamson County Growth Summit Discusses Traffic Issues For The Future With Mike Heiligenstein

The problems facing the residents and visitors to Austin, Texas often revolve around the problem of traffic issues that are often seen as a major source of tension between city planners and officials, and the residents of one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. At the recent Williamson County Growth Summit representatives of ride sharing app providers, infrastructure design specialists, and the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein discussed the many different possibilities facing the Austin area when it comes to creating a plan for the future of the road system.


One of the major areas of discussion for those attending the Summit was the arrival of driverless cars and a need to address the issues these new forms of transport will provide for the future; Mike Heiligenstein believes that although it is important to plan for a future including cars without drivers the issue is not one that requires immediate action as the take up on these options has been far lower than originally anticipated.


Heiligenstein himself has been a major supporter of the many different types of technology that can be integrated into the road and public transport infrastructure as part of the overall plan of the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority; in recent years the use of fiber optic cabling has been approved in various road construction plans that will allow cars of the future to interact with the road surface itself for safety reasons. For Heiligenstein the use of technology will grow ever more important in traffic congestion issues in the future and points to the Metropia app that already provides travelers on roads controlled by the Central Texas Mobile Authority with alternate routes to avoid congestion problems.


At the Williamson County Growth Summit, the subject of how to handle driverless cars was discussed with Mike Heiligenstein explaining new building codes would need to be created to allow smaller parking garages to be constructed that include service stations and charging centers. Despite the acknowledgment of the issues of the future Heiligenstein explained travelers in Austin were currently concerned with improvements being made to roads and gaining greater access to affordable public transport options; representatives of carpooling and ride sharing apps also explained the importance their companies would have as the providers of transport options to convey passengers to their nearest public transport hub.

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Sam Tabar Reveals Investment Tips for the New Year

New Year is one of the most precious times of a year. According to most Americans, most people work meets their needs in a fast-moving environment. They will get better results in a way that does not limit market fluctuation. During this time of the year, most Americans engage in making and creating New Year resolutions. However, I am afraid to say that only 20 percent of those people follow their resolutions to the latter. For most, they allow the resolutions for just a few months before they forge their duties during the year. For this reason, they end up working to meet their daily needs in a manner that does not reflect a sense of belonging.

Sam Tabar is a graduate of the Columbia School of Law. For this reason, he is one of the most experienced individuals to give professional advice to those who want to make their new year more prosperous. As a matter of fact, we must work to meet the end of the working capabilities. For you to develop high-end situations in business, you must struggle to meet all your needs in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. New Year possesses a new environment for people to have better resolutions. For those who want success, it is during this time when you write down all you wanted to achieve. If you want to succeed right from the beginning of the year, you can develop this achievement to make business better in life. For this reason, you must be prepared to make informed decisions in business and management.

According to research conducted in the recent past, many people engage in working to benefit from their working portfolio. For this reason, they end up engaging in bad governance in business. As a matter of fact, no one has better business management to calculate his working portfolio. Therefore, most people engage in reducing their consumption of commodities in the year. While they want to achieve this great need, they must strive to make more money and create business opportunities for people in need. Sam Tabar is a professional businessman.

The Housing Market of Ohio Registers its Finest Year Since 2005

The housing market of Ohio marked 2016 as its busiest and successful year since 2005. The Ohio Association of Realtors published a report that showed that statewide home acquisitions reached 151, 600 in 2016, indicating a 7.5 percent increase from 2015. The listing-service data associated with the formerly owned and newly established residences shows that the sales rose by nearly 8 percent in Northeast Ohio.

According to a Cincinnati-area Realtor, Peter Kopf, 2016 was an outstanding year for the fast-rising Ohio’s housing market. He says that most companies registered a tremendous increase in sales and average costs. The December sales exceeded those of 2015 by 2.8 percent, particularly in Northeast Ohio.

In Ohio, the average sale price was $159, 531 in December 2016, indicating an increase of 4.8 percent from the December 2015. The National Association of Realtors’ report released on January 24, 2017, highlights the price increase and supply shortages. The report gives a detailed analysis of sales of current homes.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco commenced her real estate career at The Edwards Realty Company as the secretary. Mazzocco worked with a group of nine commercial agents under the supervision of Mike Zelnik, a leading commercial realtor. She spent her seven years in the field of condominium management at the renowned Scotland Yard Condominium. In 1995, Mazzocco became a certified real estate agent after being recommended by the owner of Cook Realty and managing director of Scotland Yard, Ken Cook.

After relinquishing her position at Scotland Yard, Tammy Mazzocco ( joined T&R Properties as a property management expert for two apartment multiplexes as well as an office warehouse complex. In 1998, she joined Joe Armeni, leading RE/MAX producer, as a licensed personal assistant. Tammy Mazzocco decided to make real estate her long-term career after working closely with Joe in managing the daily activities of a prestigious real estate firm.

To learn more about Tammy Mazzocco, check out her real estate agent profile on and IdeaMesch website.

Chris Burch Predicts Fashion and Technology Will Continue to Merge

The fashion and technology industries have seen a number of changes in the last few years. The one thing that has remained constant is that both industries tend to grow together. Technology has become more trendy and fashionable, while fashion has incorporated more technology into its designs. The merger between the two has been fascinating. Business mogul Chris Burch even asserts that taking a look at both the past and present of fashion and technology gives us an idea of what is to come.


A number of designers are recycling materials in order to create new and impressive fashions. For example, SegraSegra used recycled bicycle inner tubes to make t-shirts and jackets, and designer Emma Whiteside made a formal gown with recycled radiator copper.


Technology and fashion also work together to create energy. Movement can be converted to electric energy, and there are new clothing items on the market that capture kinetic energy and power items like mp3s and watches. Soledad Martin is currently working on a shoe prototype that will charge a cell phone while the wearer is walking.


Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Creative Capital. The company has an investment philosophy that expresses Busch’s entrepreneurial skills and vision for new opportunities in terms of marketing, professional imagination, support and creativity. Burch’s company seeks to help companies create products and services that make a positive impact on the lives of consumers.


Burch has been in business for nearly 40 years as both an investor and entrepreneur, and has participated in the success of over 50 companies. He combines intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing expertise. Chris Burch has established a long track record of combining impact with innovation. The brand portfolio for Creative Capital includes the recent additions of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, TRADEMARK, Cocoon9. Other brands that Burch has previously been associated with include Jawbone, Hotel+Universe and Voss Water.



Successful Investing: Brad Reifler Makes His Guide


Investing is the best way to build wealth over time. However, few people have the knowledge to invest the way they should. Working with a professional can be a great way to help in this area. Many professional investors today confuse investors with all of their complicated strategies. Brad Reifler is a professional money manager who has done a great job of helping clients over the years. He has a financial planning business that helps people plan for the future. If you want to learn from the best, he is a great person to work with.

Brad Reifler

When Brad Reifler first started out in the industry, things were much different. Technology has allowed investors to be constantly connected to their investment portfolios. This puts a lot of pressure on the professional money managers who must answer for bad performance. Another thing that makes Brad Reifler stand apart from others is his commitment to customer service. He is someone who is willing to go above and beyond to help customers with their problems.


One of the biggest reasons why people cannot build wealth is the high levels of debt they carry. The average person today has thousands of dollars in credit card debt, not to mention student loans or car payments. One of the first things that Brad Reifler always does with clients is to ask them about their personal financial situation. If they have a lot of debt, the first thing they need to do is to concentrate on getting it paid off.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Brad Reifler is going to expand his business to help other people any way that he can. Many people are excited about all of the changes that he is making to his business, and they expect to see continued growth out of his company.