Brad Reifler Provides Some Important Finance Lessons

Brad Reifler is a finance executive who is based in the United States. Reifler has worked in the industry for a long time, acquiring a lot of expertise. He is the founder of several successful ventures in the US too. Brad Reifler has published several articles in the past with the main aim of transforming people’s lives. Here are some of the lessons taught by the successful finance executive:

The importance of a budget

Many people believe that budgets are only important for businesses who need to plan their expenses and project their revenue. However, Brad Reifler believes that young people should spend some time figuring out the amount of income they get, the amount they need to spend and the money they will have to save. The finance executive says that people can be very successful if they decided to handle their finances just like businesses do.

People get less than their earnings

With the new direct deposits, many individuals never look at their pay slips. These important documents are considered to be useless pieces of papers. However, these records tell an employee the amount they have earned in a month, and how much they paid through the payroll deductions. Everyone pays the central government some tax and some social security contributions are also deducted every month.

The effects of compound interest

If a young individual starts saving some money every week or month, it is very easy to become extremely wealthy when they have to retire. The money being saved earns some interest, and when the interest is added to the total balance, it gets more interest. The compound interest always results in significant gains in an extended period. The young person will also be prepared for their retirement.

Good credit is important

It is possible for a young person to get a student loan without a credit history. However, it is impossible to get a mortgage without an excellent credit score. It is also vital to focus on accumulating your assets and cash. If you spend your money wisely, it is easy to achieve these finance goals.

InnovaCare Health Supports Growth of Medicare Advantage Plans

InnovaCare Health is a highly-prominent source of managed healthcare services within the North America region and provides the healthcare needs of more than 475,000 beneficiaries in Puerto Rico. The company provides its members with high-quality Medicaid and Medicare plans by developing innovative provider network models.

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, provides an alternative to “Traditional Medicare”, referred to as Part A and Part B. The Medicare Advantage plans differ because they reimburse services directly, and not through a customary care plan. Additionally, they provide hearing and wellness benefits, which are excluded from traditional Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans have grown substantially in recent years. Enrollment grew from 5.4 million in 2005 to an incredible 17.5 million in 2015, and enrollment is expected to rise. InnovaCare Health has a network of almost 8,000 providers which places the company in a great position to support this continued growth.

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InnovaCare Health and its leadership focus greatly on its member-provider relations and the costs involved. Earlier this year, the company publicized its involvement in assisting the U.S. health system with establishing reimbursement schedules exclusively on quality results.

Penelope Kokkinides has served as InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer since 2015. Ms. Kokkinides previously held the position of VP for Care and Disease Management within her tenure at AmeriChoice. She has over two decades of healthcare experience in which she has dedicated her career to government programs. This expertise has been instrumental with the cost-efficiency efforts of the Medicare and Medicaid programs within InnovaCare Health, as well as their overall infrastructure.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rick Shinto has extensive managed care knowledge with 20 years of medical experience and he has an exceptional internal medicine career. Dr. Shinto was Chief Medical Officer of North America Medical Management in Ontario, California. He received his medical degree from Stony Brook University in New York.

Based upon June 2016 financial results, InnovaCare Health greatly increased its Standard & Poor’s (S&P) rating. This highly regarded status is due to the company continuing their successful effort for progressive and unrelenting cost-effective performance of its Medicare Advantage plans and its more recently launched Government Health Plan (Medicaid) operations.

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A Company for the Ages in Modern Times

How patent laws work is an interesting thing in the United States. Every product that has a patent will eventually lose that patent over a period of time, allowing other companies to have the ability to use them if they see the need to for capital gain. Securus Technologies, an information technology company, has recently received some bad press from another company in the industry, GTL. Accusations against Securus claim that a large number of their product patents are expired. After performing some research into these accusations, Securus Technologies, alongside some third party allies, have discovered that these claims are baseless and that all product patents are still under their control without fear of expiration. This is wonderful news for Securus, who focuses their attention on the meeting the goals of inmates currently living within the prison system.


Securus provides high levels of communication and security support to incarcerated individuals in order to meet their ever growing need to openly communicate with their loved ones on the outside. One of these products, which is a downloadable application available to both Android and Apple devices. The application allows the inmates to openly communicate with their family members through seamless video streaming conference technology. This is a godsend for inmates who can use the application to help their loved ones bypass the annoyance of distance driving and security checks when moving to prisons in order to meet visitation needs.


Securus, for its work with incarcerated individuals, can be labeled not only as a technology firm but as a humanitarian organization as well. This is a massive deal for the American people as it can rest assured knowing that there are still corporations that truly care about their customer’s needs and worries in a world that often times seems to not care.


Labaton Sucharow Continue To Achieve Success With Second Largest Whistleblower Payout

The Labaton Sucharow law firm has always looked to stay on the cusp of the latest developments in the financial industry and legal world, which has recently seen the development of the first SEC whistleblower team to work on aspects of new regulations introduced with the Dodd-Frank Act. The SEC whistleblower attorney Jordan Thomas heads the team and assembled a group who can specialize in bringing evidence of financial irregularities that break the rules laid down by the securities and Exchange Commission; Thomas has an advantage over other lawyers looking to work in this area as he was one of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act and brings this experience to helping others.

The latest success achieved by the Labaton Sucharow law firm SEC whistleblower department sees the group headed by Jordan Thomas announce the second largest payout ever provided to a whistleblower over the history of the program; the SEC now provides whistleblowers with the chance to be rewarded with a major financial reward depending on the quality of the information received that can be rated between 10 and 30 percent of any fines levied against financial companies or individuals. The $17 million payout for the latest whistleblower represented by Labaton Sucharow shows the success of the law firm in this area as the company looks to develop a consistently successful SEC whistleblower program.

Labaton Sucharow have developed their own team to assist any whistleblower bringing information about irregularities within the financial industry and work within the rules laid down by the SEC program to protect those bringing information to the attention of the financial authorities. A major aspect of the SEC whistleblower lawyer program at Labaton Sucharow is dedicated to the protection of individuals from having their identities revealed and facing victimization; the Dodd-Frank Act went to great lengths to protect whistleblowers, including not revealing which cases were using information receioved from whistleblowers. The dedicated team at Labaton Sucharow have a great deal of experience in protecting the identity of individual whistleblowers and fighting those employers who have abused their power by victimizing whistleblowers who have been identified in the past.

The Second largest award from Labaton Sucharow to SEC Whistleblowers

A whistleblower has been awarded $17 million for exposing bad practices in the financial services sector. This was announced by Labaton Sucharow LLP. This is the same organization that created the premier practice in the nation aimed at representing whistleblowers of Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC.

The money that whistleblowers earn as rewards

This is the second biggest award from the whistleblower program run by SEC. SEC has been in operation for six years. During that period, they have worked with various parties to help expose wrongdoing in various sectors. The arrangement is that the whistleblowers receive a minimum of 10 percent and a maximum of 30 percent of all the funds recovered in a successful enforcement process.

High-quality information led to sanctions

According to Labaton Sucharow, the whistleblower provided vital information. The high-quality information effectively led to the sanctioning of one of the main players in financial markets. Such individuals are allowed to remain anonymous if they feel that it is the best option for them. That is what happened in this case. One of the main benefits of remaining anonymous is that the whistleblower can effectively avoid being blacklisted, or retaliation action. SEC also tries to avoid indirectly revealing the revealer of information by not disclosing specific cases in question.

Some industry leaders were comfortable with the wrongdoings

SEC whistleblower lawyer, Jordan Thomas, said that his client chose to go against the odds. He revealed that there are those in the financial services industry who were comfortable with the wrongdoings that were harming investors. He also pointed out that future big and significant reports will all be because of the courage of whistleblowers.

Reporting federal securities violations

The protection offered by SEC, and the incentives given to whistleblowers, makes them able to report even federal securities violations. This is also done unanimously. The whistleblower does not have to worry about losing their employment. In addition to that, they can enjoy monetary awards for their courage. The funding of the awards is protected by legislation by the Senate.

More about SEC

SEC is mandated by law to receive information about any violation of the federal securities laws from whistleblowers. It works closely with a whistleblowers program established through the Dodd-Frank Act. This act was enacted by the Senate. Among the many functions of SEC is to ensure that whistleblowers are protected and that those who have information are motivated to give it to the organization for action against the wrongdoers.

The Best in English Wines

Wines made in England are growing in popularity around the world. They are great with so many different foods. White wines like Bolney Estate’s Pinot Gris are great with canapes, cheese, grilled fish, shellfish and smoked salmon on the dinner table. Rose wines like Balfour Brut’s Rosé are perfect with summer fruits especially fresh strawberries. Some vintners are making amazing red wines like Ridgeview’s Knights bridge are amazing when served with salt marsh lamb or cold buffet foods.

Production of English Wines Expanding

The number of acres being harvested is greater now than in recent memory with UK vintners growing enough grapes to produce over 33,384 hectolitres or about 4.5 million bottles of English wine. The number of planted acres has doubled in the last seven years with over 50 percent of the grapes being grown to produce sparkling wines while the remainder is grown to produce Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunie wines.

History of Winemaking in England

The beginning of winemaking in England is open for debate with many suggesting that the first vintners were the Belgae in the south and west of England as it appears the indigenous people preferred beer instead. When the Romans invaded England, they brought their love of wine along establishing many wineries particularly near Wollaston in the Nene Valley. As Christianity spread across the land, so did people’s love for this drink with monasteries being the largest producers. Unfortunately, when the Vikings invaded most of England’s winemaking skills were lost only to be rediscovered in the last 50 years.

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Best English Wines

If you want to drink the best English wines, then consider the award winners from the International Wine Competition. Receiving a gold medal is the 2013 Ashbury Brut produced by the Eastcott Vineyard using Seyval Blanc grapes. Also, receiving a gold medal is the Ambriel Classic Cuvée, NV produced by Redfold Vineyards from a variety of grapes including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

While English wines are more expensive that the widely available French wines, it is a difference than can be easily tasted. Therefore, consider buying wines from an UK Vintner today to accompany your fabulous food creations.

Buy wine from UK Vintners online here.