Math Platform SOLVY Takes Off Under Current CEO

Advances in efficiency and productivity often stem from the ideas of great innovators. When educational platform SOLVY, a math education and learning tool recently hired Alexei Beltyukov as their Chief Operating Officer (C.E.O.) they made a significant investment in human capital.

Alexei Beltyukov brings to the table a wealth of experience in many different entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as a strong business acumen. Beltyukov began his career studying medicine, and later achieved an MBA from NSEAD Business School.

After forming and participating in a handful of successful start-ups, Alexei has now landed at Solvy and is charged with bringing their product lines to the forefront of public education. The company’s goal,to be carried out by their decorated leader Alexei Beltyukov is to spread the use of the Solvy math learning platform across high schools all over the country.

The highly specified and interactive learning program allows teachers to prescribe exact types of math problems that will challenge, teach and test students’ skills. As students complete each problem, Solvy maintains track of the students strengths and weaknesses, and uses this data to feed into their complex algorithm which will in turn create the next math problem for the student to tackle.

The purpose is to work on the student’s weaknesses and build the student’s skill set to the point where they can solve many types of complex math problems.

The addition of Alexei Beltyukov brings credibility, experience and new ideas to the table for Solvy. Alexei’s resume is robust and includes the formation of Endemic Capital in 2013 (an angel funding platform specifically for start ups in Russia), participation in a handful of small business assistance programs for Russian entrepreneurs, the founding of A-Ventures Ltd (a company designed to help companies that are struggling financially), and Alexei Beltyukov has done public sector work for the Russian government in the form of consulting and advising.

Beltyukov has also engaged in many philanthropic efforts, including the establishment of a scholarship fund for his alma mater, INSEAD business school.

Start Small

The most successful companies in the world did not start as they appear, they have gone through stages to become successful. Handy is not exceptional, from cleaning chores to supplying commodities in a large population.

Handy is a brand which was formed by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan in the year 2012. Its initial objective was to help clients in cleaning jobs at their homesteads and workplaces. However, it has expanded its operations. It deals with a wide range of home products. The brand is growing very fast due to its strategic position in the internet and the quality home cleaning services it provides to its clients. Handy is convenient to its customers. Clients just go into the handy website, enter their zip codes and the work they want to be done as well as the time they want the chore to be done. After doing all that, they are given a price quote. This saves time as the client does not have to move looking for a maid to perform the home chores.

If something is damaged during work, it pays for it. To avoid such from happening, qualified personnel is employed by the organization.

Handy services are active in more than twenty-eight (28) cities. The brand has expanded in the range of products it provides to its customers. Furniture delivery has also been introduced. Delivery is done when the consumers request on the organization’s website. One can get furniture to decorate his/her bedroom, sitting room or any other place on Handy’s website.

Each brand in the organization has its own delivery network. The company also deals with installation of home appliances like television sets, Boiler Installation, Cabinet Refacing and boulder placement. The price of the services are attached to the service type in the website. This makes it possible for consumers to prepare before making orders.

The company also offers discounts on some installations. This has attracted several people to its services. Another strategy used by the firm to gain consumer trust are the after sales services offered. After sales, services include delivery to home places and free installation of some home appliances bought from the industry. Handy provides a wide range of goods and services from which the consumers make their choice wherever they are from their website.

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Get free Mobile Data, SMS and Voice Capacity with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company based in Los Angeles, California. The founders of this company are Steven Sesar and its CEO Stephen Stokols. It works with other companies such as Intel and Partech Ventures among several others. The company seeks to expand to the UK. FreedomPop provides wireless internet as well as mobile phone services.

FreedomPop has been attracting many clients following its free mobile plans. Many people who feel that their phone bills are too high have shifted to FreedomPop according to FreedomPop review. The company got a funding of $30 million. Before then, the company had been offered various acquisition offers, which it rejected. The company’s new partner Partech Ventures has also collaborated with Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital as investors in FreedomPop. The company has managed to raise $49.3 million within three years. In this period, the company has had almost 1 million subscribers.

According to PC Magazine review of Freedompop, FreedomPop is not a wireless infrastructure owner because it is a MVNO- Mobile Virtual Network Operator. In the US, FreedomPop uses network by Sprint. It buys voice capacity, data and SMS in bulk. This is how it is able to provide services to their subscribers. To access these services, all a client has to do is get a FreedomPop phone. New models of Samsung and HTC can also connect to the network. The customers get free 500 text messages, 500 MB and 200 voice minutes each month. If the customers use more than these do, they will buy more. FreedomPop gets its profits from the sale of value-added services.

Some subscriptions are made to data rollover plan in which the unused data is carried over to the next month. There is also phone insurance in case of damages or loss of the phone. The benefits attached to using FreedomPop get even better with the providence of an international number for foreigners. This enables users to making international calls at normal rates. The anonymous browsing feature is also available for those who want privacy.

Stephen Stokols said that more than half of the subscribers buy more data, SMS or voice capacity each month. On average, the clients subscribe to two of the three services. FreedomPop gets approximately $7 dollars for each connection. As the clients continue to subscribe to FreedomPop, they will continue to make their data plans even cheaper. The aim is to provide up to 1 GB of free mobile data per month to the subscribers.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s Race to Parliament

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a household name both in politics and entrepreneurship in Venezuela. Jose has served as the deputy in the national assembly of the Guárico state since 2010. He is currently running for the gubernatorial seat in the same state. He is famously known for being outspoken and freely expressing crucial views regarding the leadership in Venezuela. Always fighting for the rights of the people, he wants the government to change some of its policies to better the lives of its citizens.

Jose Manuel Gonzales excels in agribusiness, a skill which previously earned him a position as the president of the Venezuelan federation of chambers and association of commerce (FEDECAMARAS) in the year 2007. He also served as the president of national federation of ranches (FEDENAGA) in Venezuela. Jose Manuel’s previous appointments in the public service makes him competent enough to lead the Guárico state.

Views on Food Importation in Venezuela

Jose Manuel strongly believes that bad management is what’s responsible for the deterioration of local food production in Venezuela. The country currently depends on food imports which José believes is ironical. Using the correct methods, the government would be able to tap resources found within the country and importation will be a thing of the past. Offering incentives to the people will encourage more people to go into farming. It will also put a stop to the current trend of farmers secretly selling their produce to neighboring countries like Columbia.

Views on Insecurity

Jose Manuel hopes that the government will try to put a stop to the worrying trends of insecurity in Venezuela. More people are falling victim to kidnappings and extortion due to the high levels of insecurity. He believes that strengthening security will attract investors to the country.

Views on Reinstating Private Property

Jose Manuel believes that to help with economic growth, the government should reinstate private property back to the people. This will encourage the people to invest more in their land.

Views on Fuel Importation

Jose wants the government to stop spending resources importing fuel when Venezuela is has enough oil, reserves. If the government revives the local oil industry it would have more money to spend on its citizens. That will give Venezuela an advantage of being a self reliant country.

Dynamic Search Partners and Uncommon Schools Raise Funds

Keith Mann is the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners. Just recently, Dynamic Search Partners decided to have a special fundraising event for the Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Gardens. During the occasion, members from the financial services community came together and raised more than twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon Schools. These funds will be used to sponsor student testing for one of the high schools opened by Uncommon School.

Uncommon Schools wants to ensure that the achievement gap is closed, and millions of students from low-income families are prepared to graduate from their college. Keith Mann and his company want to support this mission and help in providing these students and other people with an opportunity to join a good college where they can acquire education.

Just recently, Uncommon Schools announced that it was planning to open a new high school at Brooklyn. The money raised from the event will fund different student tests. Before the event was held, Dynamic Search Partners, under the leadership of Keith Mann promised ten thousand dollars to ensure that every student testing requirements were met.

Dynamics Search Partners decided to partner with the Uncommon Schools, found in New York in the year 2013. The main aim of the partnership was to develop an on -going and unique platform where students will be assisted in learning valuable and practical skills that will help them in achieving successes when they are in college and beyond. Keith Mann plays a crucial role in the commitment and innovation to academic excellence, and he looks forward to working with the students this coming year.

Keith Mann and his company are very excited about the opportunity to work with the Uncommon Schools. He says that he recently had an exclusive tour at the schools. During these tours, he had the chance to sit in the classes and meet with the seniors. He was inspired to recognize that the students in the school were motivated to join college. According to him, the students are eager to know how they can position themselves to get good colleges, internships, and employment opportunities.

Top Hair Care Products Continue To Evolve In The 21st Century

The evolution of hair care products has continued over recent years as new technologies and options are found and used by pioneers in the hair care industry. There are many new products released each year that are designed to make women’s hair look thicker, shinier, and often with greater levels of volume that can often become popular when used by a large number of celebrities from around the world; one of the most popular products chosen by a number of fashion magazines as an award-winner has been leave in dry conditioner products designed to provide shiny looking hair throughout each and every day.

There are options available on QVC stores that can take the place of a number of these products that women feel add a large amount of time onto their daily hair care routine. Wen hair is one of the products that has recently arrived on the market and is being used by women for its five in one abilities that eliminate the need for a range of products to be used from shampoo to leave in conditioners.

The Wen By Chaz brand is well known for being the brain child of popular celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, who has built a high profile in Hollywood as one of the top hair professionals in show business. Chaz Dean developed his own brand of products that make it easier for every woman to complete their hair routine each day in the simplest and quickest way.

The arrival of supersonic hair dryers and smoothing shampoos and conditioners in 2016 has led to hair care becoming a major market in the beauty industry; however, even the major advances being made are often overtaken by products like Wen By Chaz that make life easier for all.

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Mike Baur’s Innovative Startup is Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur’s Innovative Startup is Swiss Startup Factory


As a teenager, Mike Baur was captivated in learning about banking and finances, and it is because of his eagerness to learn how these two entities work, his education includes him attending University of Applied Sciences Bern where he earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in banking, and finance. Mike Baur then went on to acquire his MBA from the University of Rochester New York and Executive MBA from the University of Bern.


From 1991 until 2008 Mike Baur worked as a commercial apprentice in wealth management at US Bancorp. In 2008 Baur became banker working for Clariden Leu and almost 4 years later he went to work at Sallfort Private Bank. Mike Baur devoted many years working in the world of banking, but in 2014 he quit his job as a banker and began investing in startup companies.


Mike Baur, at the age of 39 founded Think Reloaded, a financial services business that would help startup companies by setting them up with startup coaches and financial advisors. He also joined as a Member of the Advisory Board for the Young Entrepreneurs Club at the University of St. Gallen. Baur puts a lot of time and effort into youth entrepreneurship both as a mentor and financially. As co-founder and CEO, Baur is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds at SSUF. These steps became the beginning hub for the Swiss Start Up Factory.


In 2014 Baur became a co-founder of Swiss Start Up Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike Baur participated in a contest through START Summiteer to pitch Swiss Start Up Factory as a startup business. Swiss Start Up Factory is a start up accelerator business looking for growing digital entrepreneurs. Although SSUF is based in Zurich, great opportunities are provided through a solid network in Switzerland and all over the world.


A startup accelerator program that runs for three months is given where SSUF provides many unique services that will help a startup business grow into a successful, thriving business. Some of the services offered are coaches, mentors, and office space. At the end of the acceleration program, each startup will provide a demonstration for potential investors.


In January of 2016 CTI Invest, now known as Swiss Startup Invest, the lead financial hub for Swiss technological startups partnered with Swiss Start Up Factory making Mike Baur Deputy Managing Director foreseeing that he will be the successor of Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier who is the present Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest. At the same time, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier joined the SSUF Core Team and was appointed Managing Partner to make the bond between these two organizations even stronger.