Securing Savings with Brexit Gold

With the initial shock of the Brexit over it has become easy for investors to become complacent with their currency as they continue to confidently dump their cash on the market. In the background however, people across Europe and the Americas are still feeling the aftermath unbeknownst to the intentionally ignorant. With both the Brexit and the coming U.S. elections putting citizens and companies alike on edge across both sides of the Atlantic, some families are putting their money on the gold standard.


It’s not surprising to see why, gold is known for it’s value among the precious medals and it boasts some of the best long term economic stability and it seems that in the recent political climate, their value has only risen.


Those seeking to hold onto their savings have been purchasing bullion bars and coins in hopes of holding onto their precious savings. Mark O’Bryne, director of Dublin-based gold dealer Goldcore said that the increased prices has only increased demand as concerned families and individuals of all ages have been rushing for higher ground. “Fears Britain may leave the European Union can be felt in global financial markets as stock markets decline.”


The geopolitical implications extend far past the US and the UK as the refuge crisis continues. With the UK leaving the EU, the EU will be left to deal with the massive influx of immigrants which will soon spread across Europe. With the extensive social care services the EU provides, more currency will have to be printed to provide for services used by their new residents which will lead to a degradation of the value of currency. Much like Germany after World War 1, citizens fear their currency will fall in value to the point of worthlessness. It’s not hard to see how the fall of the Euro will impact the world economy, as their respective countries are forced to revert back to regional currency in hopes of maintaining their worth.


While the global situation may seem tame from the comfort of the sofa, between the refuge crisis, the US political riot, and the UK leaving the EU, it’s become clear the the world is nearing an economic boiling point. The geopolitcs of Europe and America are too unstable for some to risk their families welfare and for those seeking to preserve their livelihood, gold coins are certainly a worthwhile investment.


Adam Goldenberg: The Mastermind Of Fashion

Fashion is an industry that is constantly developing and can be an essential part of lifestyle. Adam Goldenberg is equally a co-founder and co-CEO of Intelligent Beauty, Fitness Heaven and Intermix. In the year of 2006, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler established the e-commerce product known as Intelligent Beauty which is the owner of JustFab.

Adam Goldenberg formulated an interest in entrepreneurship at a young and somewhat insecure age of fifteen. He began a marketing and advertising network of video gaming websites and later sold it in 1999 to Intermix Media. Adam achieved all of this before high school graduation. Adam has accomplished a great deal. An individual who can go into a business they have never mastered and dominate it is a very successful breed. And that is exactly what Adam Goldenberg is.

JustFab was introduced in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. It is a very distinctive business because it depends solely on customer opinions. JustFab is a tailored online fashion membership offering an exciting and appealing customized shopping experience. This sensation developed quickly in a matter of 4 years. The business provides experts around the world access to a profession they desire and are enthusiastic about. And who isn’t enthusiastic about shopping?

The corporation on provides premium quality, trendy footwear and purses without worrying about high cost. There is a catch. To become a shopper at you must take a fashion quiz and then enroll as a member for a $39.95. This fee is a monthly fee, however, it will also go towards your future purchases.

Adam Goldenberg has converted JustFab into a Metrics-driven company. This business has over 35 million customers worldwide and also holds the value of over one billion dollars. JustFab could be the leader within the fashion subscription space, exceeding 6 million customers. This unique company is a parent firm to Fabletics, Fabkids, and the latest ShoeDazzle.

As an entrepreneur, Adam continues to show off his potential with new and leading brands that are unique and vibrant. He is a true icon of success and will continue to rise against all obstacles. What else will the mastermind of fashion come up with? Source:

The SEC gives the Second Largest Prize to a Labaton Sucharow-Represented Whistleblower.

Labaton Sucharow is a well-established firm that has been offering whistleblower representation for about six years. The company was the first in the industry to create a whistleblower representation practice in 2010 after the SEC formed a protection program for its informants. The plan shields informants who offer valuable intelligence on any organization that violates the federal securities laws of the United States by giving them an attractive financial incentive and ensuring that they are protected from being fired or harassed by their employers. One of the clients who is represented by Labaton Sucharow was recently offered an award of $17 million for informing the commission about the illegal operations of one of the front-runners of the finance industry. The prize was the second largest that has ever been given since the program was established.

According to the whistleblower protection laws, which were formed under the Dodd-Frank Act, 10 to 30 percent of the money that the commission gets as fines should be given as a reward to the whistleblower to appreciate the useful information that he or she provided. Labaton Sucharow helped in keeping the identity of their client a secret by acting as representatives in the whole litigation processes. Other whistleblowers are also advised not to disclose their identities as a way of avoiding possible blacklisting and revenge from the defendant. The commission did not give information about the case since it would expose the informant.

Jordan A. Thomas is the principal attorney of the whistleblower representation practice of Labaton Sucharow. He is highly experienced in the enacting securities laws, and he once served as an administrator of the SEC. One of the main achievement of Mr. Thomas is being part of the team that formed the SEC whistleblower protection laws. He also offered legal representation to the first public company employee who was awarded by the SEC for being a whistleblower.

The SEC whistleblower program is dedicated to motivating people to offer information on various fraudulent organizations in the finance industry through the financial incentives that it offers. An Investor Protection Fund was created by the Congress with a primary aim of ensuring that there are sufficient funds to provide to the SEC whistleblowers. The fund currently has $400 million.

The Lebaton Sucharow law firm was established about 50 years ago, and it has mainly been offering legal representation to organizational investors, enterprises, and consumers. The company has a well-organized platform for filling litigations, and it includes financial analysts, forensic experts, and investigators. It has been acknowledged by Chambers and Partners, Benchmark Litigation, and The Legal 500 as an excellent plaintiff lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an Accomplished Brazilian Lawyer

Legal firms seeking new ventures should consider boarding the next flight to Brazil. The country is expanding at a fast rate and is currently the sixth biggest economy across the globe since its GDP per head is larger than China and India. The country is seen as a foundation for legal companies to increase their presence in other Latin American countries like Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

The nation of lawyers

Brazil has numerous lawyers due to the high number of law schools available in the country. In 2010, the country took position three of countries that have high numbers of lawyers in the globe. The United States occupied the first position with over 1 million registered lawyers followed by India with about 1 million lawyers.

More lawyers but low registration rates

The number of lawyers certified by the Brazilian Bar Examination is only 800 thousand. Statistics indicate that if all law students passed the Bar Examination, the nation would have nearly 3 million professional lawyers. At the beginning of the year 2014, Aloizio Mercadante, Brazilian Minister of Education, ordered the ministry to inspect all law programs offered by the country’s Universities to determine if all of them are appropriately structured and conducted in line with basic principles of law education. The goal of this move is to increase the number of students that Brazilian Bar Examination approves each year.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most accomplished leaders and legislator in the Brazilian legal practice. He started out as a junior lawyer in a small office and worked his way to the top of the most proficient corporate litigation law company. Next, he founded his firm and within a short period, it turned to be one of the largest and fastest growing law firms in Brazil.

Tosto was the first to adopt several innovative legal mechanisms that are popularly used across the Brazilian legal industry today. He has mentored some of the greatest attorneys in Brazil, who began as interns in the company (Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Asoociados). He closely monitors his company’s ongoing cases, provides revolutionary strategies, and offers specific guidance in case of special problems.

Wen by Chaz – Not all Hair is Created Equal

I am been a regular user of Wen by Chaz ( since 2012 and have always been happy with it. I always had dry hair, because I color it once a month and get perms once a year. Regular shampoo made my hair feel fried and I had to use deep conditioners. I felt a wonderful difference once I started using Wen.
For those who are not familiar with WEN, it is “5-in-1 formula”, created by Chaz Dean, the celebrity hairstylist. It replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in treatment. It does not lather like regular shampoo.

I read an article on Bustle ( how the author explained she washes her hair with Wen in the evening, before going to bed. She said that first her hair felt shiny and bouncy, but her roots were very oily and greasy upon waking up in the morning. She then had to rewash her hair and use conditioner. She has long hair and has to use a large amount of Wen. I also have long hair, and I have to use a large amount of it.

The author also stated that Wen may be more suitable for people who wake up early enough to shower in the morning. That would be me. I am the type of person who prefers to shower and wash my hair in the morning. I am able to wake up early enough to shower before work. Because with Wen, I do not need a separate shampoo and conditioner, therefore I get my hair washed quickly.

To summarize, Wen does not work for everybody. People have different hair types. Wen makes some people’s hair shiny and bouncy, however other people said it made their hair greasy and head itchy. For me, I give Wen a positive and will continue using it. Need Wen? Order yours on Amazon or Sephora today!

Get to Know More About Hedge Fund Strategist Sam Tabar

In a state as large as New York, there are many professionals who have what it takes to become successful in their industries. Sam Tabar is a perfect example of this sentiment. Tabar, a licensed attorney currently stays busy practicing law in New York State. His pursuit of higher learning began at Oxford University, where he graduated with an MA and BA in Law back in 2000. After his time at Oxford was over Mr. Tabar went on to Columbia Law School and received his LLM.

Quickly excelling as an attorney, Tabar began his career as an associate with Skedden in 2001. He continues in that role to this very day. He has, however, managed to wear more than a few other hats during his career. He held a position with the renowned law firm, Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. Mr. Tabar served as a senior associate during his time with this firm. Additionally, he was picked to fill the role of Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction for Merrill Lynch.

A few years into his career Mr. Tabar started working for PMA and started to deal with important clients and managed hedge funds. During this time, he became the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director with the company. His time with PMA lasted for almost 6 years. After that he was on to even loftier pursuits.

In 2001 he came on board with Merrill Lynch and increased his experience with hedge fund management. Further career choices led Mr. Tabar to start up his own firm which allows him to continue to thrive as a successful hedge funds manager for high profile clients.

This type of career does not allow one to go unnoticed by the media. The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets have all ran stories featuring information about Sam Tabar over the years. With his track record for success as an attorney and top hedge fund manager, it is a safe bet to believe that he will be featured even more by major media outlets in the very near future.

Locating The Ideal Residence In New York With Help From TOWN Experts

Moving to New York City can be quite daunting. For those who have never moved here before, doing so may not be that easy. Many would-be residents are not really sure where to begin to find that ideal home here for their specific wants. This is why they often seek out help from people who truly understand the residential real estate market in this part of the nation. One such company is TOWN Real Estate. Officials at TOWN Residential offer help for those who need it here as they come to the region. They know that the best help is help that offers experience and truly sage advice.


Making The Process Easier


As explained in a recent article, the process of finding a home in New York City is one that new buyers find hard. They might have a vague idea of the kind of apartment they want but it is not always clear to them what particular type of apartment is right for their needs. This is where working with TOWN can be extremely useful. The warm, kind and caring people here are happy to help their clients make important decisions about which kind of apartment and neighborhood might be perfect for their life here.


Every Step Of The Way


Buying in this area can take many steps. A buyer will need to figure out how much they can spend on housing and then think about other steps such as they are going to work. They also need to consider other factors such as the needs of other family members who may be living with them and area school districts that might be right. A TOWN Real Estate expert can provide advice about such factors including specific school district info and residences that are happy to let people with pets live there.


A True Resource Person


Perhaps most of all, working with a TOWN agent means working with someone who knows how to get access to information and how to use it well. They can answer a buyer’s questions and help them locate additional information about all subjects related to real estate purchases in this area. In this way, all those here can offer many areas of expertise that mean tapping into every area of the market in region. A buyer can know they speaking with people who are there to help them during all stages of the buying process.

Never Too Fab for JustFab!

Hello, ladies! If you’re looking for an online retailer that sells design quality clothing, look no further than and their newly promoted #FABforall campaign. This e-tailer targets women of varying body shapes and sizes to “celebrate each and every fabulous woman, making her feel empowered and beautiful”, as Fashion Times put it in its blog post about Just Fab.

The theme of #FABforall is described by the head designer as recognizing “individuality and design styles to fit different body shapes and personalities”. The designers of Fab are located in Los Angeles, California studios where they work diligently on providing up-to-date fashion designs for the subscribers of

The system works in a way that subscribers sign up for a routinely newsletter of updated apparel. If they take the time to become a VIP, they are included in exclusive VIP prices, deals, and receive free shipping and free exchanges.

If you’re worried about who supports this company or where they get their credibility, look no further than Kate Hudson. She has been a leading advocate for JustFab’s Fabletics, an athletic-wear line dedicated to helping women feel beautiful while they work towards their desired physical goals.

Wear the Fabletics gear on the go, at the gym, or even at home to give you that desired push of determination; whether it be not to eat that extra cookie or run that extra mile. There is also a FL2 line for men and a Fabkids line for children so they can do their part in the #FABforall campaign. As expressed, the #FABforall campaign targets more than just women to include ALL people.

According to, for the women especially though, the sizes range from XS to 3W, and 24-34 with the addition of 16W-24W. So don’t be afraid to look at those sexy, slimming dresses, or the newly fabricated denim, you will find your size! JustFab offers a multitude of options from dresses to blouses to jackets to jeans, even leggings and other outside apparel.

It’s truly easy to find whatever you are looking for on their website, while still making a positive impact on society as a whole.

Now get shopping and spread the word to do your part in empowering women of all sizes to feel confident!

Image Recognition is Computer Vision


Your eyes don’t just see, they understand. Actually, it is the brain which deciphers the images coming in through the eyes but the process is always includes recognizing what is seen. In the same way, a computer sees and understands through image recognition technology.

Image recognition is just another name for “computer vision”. It is the process through which a computer or website acquires, analyzes, and understands images and text. Once the image is recognized, the image recognition technology converts it into a numerical value for processing. It seems rather simple but in actuality is quite complicated.

Although computers are able to process information at a remarkable rate, its “vision” pales in comparison to the human eye. After all, the eye and brain functions have had millions of years to evolve. With that much time to refine the whole perceiving process, a human can recognize images almost intuitively. Even if images are 90 to 99% similar, the human eye picks it up and the brain automatically understands the slightest of differences. The result is the recognition of the letter “N”, for instance, over the letter “M”.

While the computer may not be able to see and understand at the level of the human mind, it does follow a similar pattern of processing. Image recognition technology is able to recognize what is on the screen through three processes: facial recognition, optical recognition, and pattern recognition.

Facial Recognition: This is the ability to distinguish one face from another. An example of this is when you upload and tag an image on Facebook and Facebook is able to distinguish it from all the other pics you have previously uploaded.

Optical Character Recognition (OCC): This technology is responsible for detecting and reading text. Have you ever deposited a check by simply taking a picture of it? If so, you have come across OCC technology. Your bank’s image recognition software is able to read the routing and checking numbers through the pic you send and therefore can deposit your funds into the correct account.

Pattern Recognition: This technology goes beyond the above two since it is not limited to any particular set of images or text. Pattern recognition can recognize any and all types of pixels and patterns ranging from the most generic to the most specific. If you are an avid Internet user, you know that you can now send a pic to Google and you will be supplied with a wide range of similar pics.

Both retailers and E-tailers can benefit from image recognition technology, specifically pattern recognition technology. One such company that provides visually recognized products through image recognition is Slyce.

Slyce uses image recognition technology to activate recognition for existing products as well as new products uploaded as photos. Their entire process entails three simple steps, which include a barcode, a photo, and a set of defining attributes. Slyce’s image recognition technology is suitable for both mobile and desktop devices.

To view a demo of image recognition: