The Fascinating Mysticism of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a mystical belief system that originated with the Jewish religion. Kabbalah goes far back in history. It even had a presence in ancient Babylon. Although this belief system is without a doubt one that has a long history, it has been shrouded in the unknown for an extremely long time. There are many people who do not understand the workings of Kabbalah. The main concept of Kabbalah focuses on selflessness. This belief system strongly encourages human beings to concentrate more on other people. It discourages them from spending too much time concentrating on themselves and on their own existences.

The Kabbalah Centre International’s main office is in Los Angeles, California. It’s a not-for-profit group. It was established by Philip Berg, a rabbi who hailed from the United States. People who are interested in learning more about this mystical belief system can turn to The Kabbalah Centre International for assistance. People can learn about Kabbalistic practices and the Zohar via the Internet. They can also do so in person. The Kabbalah Centre International offers classes in various locations around the planet. The team at The Kabbalah Centre International is made up of people from all areas of the globe. It’s made up of people who come from all different types of ethnic backgrounds as well. These individuals provide extensive training and assistance to students from all over the place.

The Kabbalah Centre International has been in existence since the middle of the sixties. It was initially known by the name of “The National Research Institute of Kabbalah.” Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein established the organization alongside Berg. The Kabbalah Centre International’s main office, as indicated before, is in Los Angeles. This location opened to the public in 1984. Berg’s wife Karen serves as a director for The Kabbalah Centre International. The same goes for Berg’s two sons Michael and Yehuda. There are more than 50 locations for this organization scattered all around the planet. Prominent locations for the Kabbalah Centre are in Toronto, Canada and London, United Kingdom. The goal of The Kabbalah Centre International is to provide people with insight that relates to everything from astrology to the senses and reality.

Manse On Marsh Goes Above and Beyond Expectations According To KCTV5 Story

The Arroyo Grande community houses one of the best senior living communities in the nation. The Manse on Marsh assisted living facility is set with beautiful landscapes and outdoors decor. People that chose to move into one of the apartments or flats will feel like they are home. The rooms or flats are set up to accommodate individuals nicely and comfortably. Each has it’s own sitting room and bedroom. Entertaining friends or family is very easy with a place set up like Manse on Marsh.

While touring the facility you will not be able to help but notice how friendly and helpful the staff are. You will also notice the way the place is decorated inside and out. You can walk down the hall to the dining area where you will find nicely color-coordinated tablecloths, table settings, and a delicious menu. The kitchen staff works really hard to help each resident to feel as if they are in a five-star restaurant. The kitchen staff comes to the tables and waits for individuals as if they are sitting in a restaurant. This type of dining gives the residents a sense of well-being and helps them enjoy their eating experience more. This helps with maintaining a healthy weight.

Residents that enter the community can expect to have someone to look in on them. They can expect someone to clean their flat and wash their laundry weekly. The residents can also expect to find activities going on that will keep them busy and free from boredom.

Another wonderful thing about Manse on Marsh is the location. It is nestled very close to many shopping areas. The community is bright and cheerful with beautiful landscaping and wonderful seating areas outside. Residents can walk around outside and stroll in the shopping areas downtown. Manse on Marsh is one of the top senior communities in the nation. The Manse is ready to service the Arroyo Grande community. Set up an appointment today to see the beautiful facility and community Manse on Marsh is offering. You will then understand the wonderful article KCTV5 published recently. You will read and see first hand how Manse on Marsh Succeeds the expectations of the community and KCTV5.  See the Yelp reviews for yourself, or check out what the official Manse Blog has to say.

Bernardo Chua and the OrganoGold Brand Takes the World By Storm

The OrganoGold brand is something that gets a lot of publicity, and many people are still finding out more information about the brand. This is what Bernardo Chua has been able to do with his company. He has managed to become a masterful marketing professional that has managed to lead more and more people to the OrganoGold brand, and this shows how dedicated he is at making the brand work.

Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines, and he has shown himself to be a genius when it comes to marketing his brand. He started a business called Gano Excel, and he worked with this business for 5 years. This would a good business start, but OrganoGold would be the business that would really help him shine.

He started the OrganoGold brand 8 years ago, and he has done some amazing things in a very short time. I was amazed to find out that he has managed to reach as many as 35 different countries in less than a decade. I have found this to be very impressive. For someone that grew up in Asia, it was complicated for him to introduce a unique product that was not quite as well known in Canada and the United States.

In Asia the Ganoderma mushroom was commonplace. In Canada and the United States there were many people that had never heard of this type of healing mushroom. I think that this was something that made me take interest in what Bernardo Chua was doing. He could have played it safe and simply used the same ingredients that all the other gourmet coffee companies were using. Healthy coffee didn’t seem like it would be something that people would really take interest in, but Bernardo went out on a limb. He made the first successful coffee brand that was labeled healthy coffee.

Chua had no way of knowing, but his healthy coffee was a hit. He would be so successful with this coffee that he would actually be able to expand the brand. This brand has evolved into beverages and healthy skin care products.  That’s a part of the reason BusinessForHome has charted their growth as something so special.

Wen by Chaz Is A Reputable Hair Care Brand

I understand thinning hair afflicts many people at some point but I simply couldn’t ignore the impact it has on my self-esteem. For many years this has been on my mind – I mean finding a hair conditioner that works. After spending a ton of money and getting no satisfactory result, I was about to give up and live with it. I was frustrated with not making any progress, but luckily, my friend who owns a hair salon, told me about the hair conditioner and styling treatment by WEN Hair by Chaz and insisted that I try it.

Being someone who is always willing to try a new product, I went ahead and ordered the product after doing my research. Actually, the Wen by Chaz is not a new brand. The company has been around for many years but I didn’t know about it.

In just a couple of days I could tell it was working perfectly – the look and feel of my hair started to change dramatically and I kept using it according to instructions. Also, it’s important to get the right formulation for the hair issue you’re dealing with. For me it was the Wen Hair Fig Version that did the trick and I am so glad I found out about this amazing brand. I highly recommend this hair products line to anyone who wants to have a gorgeous looking hair.

Wen by Chaz is an honest company with a line of top notch hair conditioning products and styling treatments available on Sephora cosmetics. Wen by Chaz avoids the use of chemicals and makes products that are safe for their customers. Their products contain all-natural ingredients that help to revive damaged hair and restore shine and bounce. Numerous Amazon consumers across the globe are talking about the brand and how it’s different from so many other companies out there.

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Keith Mann Supports NY Students By Helping Raise $22,000

If you don’t know who Keith Mann is, you should. He is the vibrant leader, founder, and CEO of DSP (Dynamics Search Partners). He recently helped raise an incredible $22K for school kids in NY schools in partnership with an organization called Uncommon Schools.

Uncommon Schools focuses on paying for resources for testing for high school students. This includes tests like the PSAT and AP tests for various courses and even college acceptance. In addition, they used vital funds to help construct a new Brooklyn based high school, which was badly needed. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Keith Mann stepped up by donating $10,000 right off the bat. This was to ensure that every student would have access to the resources they needed to succeed.

The reason for this giving back is that Mann and Uncommon Schools are on a mission together to help students. They are committed, and have been since their partnership began officially back in 2013, to doing whatever it takes to raise money for NY schools and get students into positions of success in high school, college, and after. Mann says he is excited for the possibilities that the future will bring these young students.

Over 15 years ago, Keith Mann began working the financial executive search industry. He has always wanted to help people, and that is what has motivated his actions. He worked his way up through various companies before founding his own. He began as a manager and then Vice Presient at Dynamic Associates, which helps financial firms with executive search functions. After that, he was the managing director at Dynamics Executive Search.

In 2002, he was already seeing the trends that hedge funds were going to become more popular. He also noticed that apparently their meets were going unmet. While he was with his previous companies, he led from within by forming and managing different branches that offered executive hedge fund services. Finally, when he formed his own firm (DSP) in 2009, he decided to focus exclusively on this market. Because of this, they enjoy happy clients around the world, including Europe and Asia.

Jim Hunt Teaching Wealth Knowledge to All

When you think about the importance that is being placed on individuals each and every day in the area of investing and understanding the markets, you already know the importance of learning about economics and finance. However, when you start to consider the tremendous costs that come with learning from a college or university, then it becomes difficult to receive a quality education in the area of business finance. Furthermore, when you consider the fact that businesses and economics in general directly related to finance but are not in the financial realm specifically, it only makes sense to realize there is a ton of information to learn but there isn’t a good way to bring it all in. That has been changed thanks to Jim Hunt and VTA Publications.

When you consider the power that has come to the hands of everyday individuals in the form of educational materials then you can see why so many people are falling in love with VTA Publications. Not only can you see case studies, courses, and industry leading information through Jim Hunt’s specialized system, but you can also see relevant data and information that is up to date and not just from another time period decades ago. When you consider the fact that information is always updating in the financial services and international economics world, it is imperative to learn information that relates to the hear and now.

When you consider the power of one of Jim Hunt’s new systems, WealthWave, then you can truly see what Jim Hunt is trying to bring to people. Although there will always be individuals who are skeptical, who don’t want to do the work, or who even are afraid of what they can accomplish with a little bit of effort, the WealthWave system is one that truly makes sense for anyone who wants to be able to access real wealth and to do so in a manner that is both easy and fast.

When you think about the power that is creating real wealth and doing so in a manner that will benefit you for the long run, Jim Hunt’s system is one that anyone can benefit from. Don’t believe it? Check out the proof on Jim Hunt’s YouTube. There tons of information there, for what Jim Hunt has been able to accomplish for other investors through VTA Publications.

SEC Whistleblowers are needed for Exposing Workplace Corruption

Whistleblowers are important individuals for exposing workplace corruption. These individuals are employees at companies who usually step forward to reveal any type of misconduct in terms of business practices and activities. Congress has created the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act as a key preventive measure to keep business owners, managers, CEO’s and employees from deceiving the public.

In 2008 the United States experienced a major economic downturn that forced millions of people out of their homes and caused millions more to lose their jobs. The stock market plummeted, businesses began to shut down and companies needed huge government bailouts just to keep their doors open.

The biggest reason as to why the recession happened in the first place had to do with workplace corruption, fraud and bad business practices. The housing and financial industries were overrun with employees, managers and CEO’s who were consistently indulging in bad business practices that would eventually cause the housing market and financial bubbles to burst.

Many people who worked inside of these industries knew that corruption was happening but they did not inform authorities about the dishonestly that was taking place. Employees could have helped to end many of the problems that led to the recession.

The reasons why they did not step forward had to do with fear, intimidation and the possible loss of employment. Also, many employees got caught up in the corruption to one degree or another. Workplace malpractice was rampart before 2007 and it was just a normal part of doing business.

The Dodd-Frank Act ensures that Wall Street, corporations, lending institutions and financial operators would be kept in check by employees who were willing to speak to authorities about employer wrong doing. The Securities Exchange Commission needed this piece of legislation to keep Wall Street, investment firms and financial institutions on track.

Whistleblowers are encouraged to report anything that is out of order within the workplace. They will also be given incentives for reporting situations that involve large sums of money that is at least a million dollars or more. A whistleblower’s job will not be jeopardized because they speak out against issues in the workplace. The SEC Whistle Blower Advocate provides more information and incentives about the Dodd-Frank Act and whistleblowers.

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The Beliefs That Started Fabletics

Every business, brand, and person has become relevant through dreams, ideas, and profound beliefs. A heavy background of athleticism, passions, and general morals have allowed Kate Hudson to become the face of the continuously budding fashion line entitled, Fabletics. In an interview with Elle Magazine, the actress stated her beliefs and personal feelings towards some pretty controversial subjects. With mouths open, the conductors of the interview were eager to hear more. The result was the foundation of the celebrity’s clothing line. Read more:

Kate Hudson’s Views on Diet and Exercise

“I find it hard when people shove down an idea of a health fad and how it’s supposed to make them look. That’s impossible because everyone is so different,” stated Hudson in the interview. From there, she went on to discuss that being different is more than okay, and for anybody to demand something of you is atrocious. Essentially, the actress believes that motivation is difficult, even for her, so contributing to that fact is defeating the purpose of the diet and exercise fad entirely.

In addition to Hudson believing that a lack of motivation is a feeling that defeats so many, she also understands that certain things get in the way. “Totally. Emotionally, we get caught up in our lives,” stated the compassionate beauty. These life views have contributed to the entire point of Fabletics as a brand.

Designed for all types of women from all walks of life, Fabletics was established to demonstrate to women that an active lifestyle does not have to belong to hours at a gym, but can be executed on a walk, through yoga, and Hudson’s personal favorites, dance and pilates. The Fabletics line’s swimsuits are designed to support women through any wave in the ocean or any move during a game of beach volleyball. Promoting a universal confidence is so crucial in today’s downtrodden world, and Fabletics undoubtedly encases that concept–especially through its spokeswoman, Kate Hudson.

Richard Blair is the Best Wealth Manager and Investment Advisor for Short Term Rental Services

Millions of homeowners are adopting the short rental business by renting their extra space on services such as Airbnb as a fast and easy way to make some extra money. In this case, travelers or individuals visiting a particular area do not worry about accommodation since they can easily get a place to stay for the short stay in a foreign destination. As much as this idea is an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity, it is accompanied by various risks.

Most amateur accommodation providers are typically faced with financial and legal issues, especially when the temporary renters damage their property during their stay. In such a case scenario, the burden of loss is borne by the property owner since most homeowners’ insurance policies exclude such coverage since it is associated with commercial affairs. Subsequently, a homeowner facing such issues ends up paying more that he or she acquires out of renting the property.

Various issues ought to be considered before putting your property up for short-term rental services on online services such as Airbnb. A homeowner should consider the potential risks such as lawsuits, illegal activities, theft, failure to pay the rental fee, damage to neighboring property and injuries sustained by the visitors or guests.

Considering all the risks you may be subjecting yourself to versus the gains you stand to get will help you make an appropriate decision. In such cases, consulting a wealth and investment manager such as Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions can also assist in making a decisive decision.

Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the man credited with founding Wealth Solutions, Inc., which is a Retirement Investment Advisory entity based in Austin, TX. He boasts of a deep-rooted level of experience that spans 23 years in the finance sector. Blair is an Investment Advisor by profession who possesses an impressive record of achievements in this line of work such as being a Certified Annuity Specialist. He established the Wealth Solutions out of the need to make a significant impact in the lives of small business proprietors, families as well as individuals.

Growing up Blair developed a liking for education since his grandmother, mother and the wife he later married were teachers. Subsequently, he witnessed first-hand the impact can have on a person’s confidence and knowledge. He used his love for education and knack in finance to establish an independent firm to help individuals in society with financial problems.