Dr. Avi Weisfogel Launches New Campaign

A GoFundMe campaign has been started in effects to start earning additional donations for the international organization that is geared towards helping those who are in need of facial surgeries or dental work. The fund was started by Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist in the New Jersey area. He has always taken great pleasure in helping those who need help and has had an immense passion to be in the position to be able to do so. He has started the campaign off with a generous $2000.00 donation. He chose Operation Smile as the foundation because of their support and substantial care that they provide to each patient. They first and foremost exhibit hope into each patient and help them to look forward to the future. They strive to make each child feel like their own. By offering services to children and young adults, they’re able to help many who are in need of dentistry work and the foundation only continues to grow. It originally started out in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was over in the Philippines, where they arrived to help young children with their dental needs. Since then they’ve been able to expand the organization globally and have offered over 200,000 surgeries throughout the entire world because of the foundation and its benefits provided. Dr. Weisfogel is honored to be able to help such a courageous and wonderful organization.

Dr. Weisfogel has worked in New Jersey,where his practice is for many years, and is known as one of the best dentists in the region. His Dental Sleep Master’s program has become very popular among offices surrounding the area as well as throughout the United States, where he teaches dentists and their offices about what they should be looking for in each patient that could have sleep apnea. He educates of the use of oral devices and how they can correct sleep disorders. Their effectiveness and proper use can result in better health and of course better sleep. Avi has dedicated much of his life to helping others with a better quality of life.

Keith Mann: Investing In The Education Of Others

Dynamic Search Partners was founded by Keith Mann, in partnership with others. The firm serves hedge funds and other investment firms. They do this through helping them to find executives and other professionals to help their firm move forward. Dynamic Search Partners was founded in 2001 and has already managed to service mandates from 2 thousand clients. Much of their success is credited to the database of professionals and executives that the firm has managed to create. It is due to the size of the database that the firm is able to find nearly perfect matches for many clients.

Keith Mann has also been credited recently for a very different aspect of his life. Mann has chosen to support students at the Uncommon School in the inner city of New York City. They are offering 5 thousand dollars to a graduating senior. This money will go towards college expenses. This is very exciting for many of the students, who are mostly from very poor backgrounds.

The Manns have chosen to do this because they can see the value of education and they understand how it is very helpful in assisting people to escape poverty. The teachers are also thrilled about this opportunity. The teachers’ dedication is astounding. They go above and beyond the call of duty in order to prepare their students for college and what comes after. They really want to ensure that each one can succeed at whatever they might choose to do.

Mann and his wife have been involved with Uncommon Schools since 2013. In 2015 alone, Mann and his company were able to raise more than 22 thousand dollars for the school in Brooklyn. They managed to do this by having a fundraising event at a local beer garden. The main place that money went was for student testing. This was a major help as the school was new and did not have a large donor base that could support every aspect of their operation. Since then, Keith Mann has only increased his involvement.

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Talk Fusion: The Top Video Chat Tech Globally

Talk Fusion is gaining traction around the world as the number one smart app for video chat. You can use the software on your phone, tablet, or PC device with any Apple, Android, or Windows brand. It is wildly popular in places like Indonesia, where it sits as the top spot on the Android store in terms of downloads. Japan and the difficult market of Switzerland are also frequent users of the app.

The reason behind the popularity of Talk Fusion’s video chat app is that it is so easy to use. You don’t need to wait for lengthy downloads, it starts right up when you use it. It also has snaps that you can take. Talk Fusion doesn’t just offer video chat either.

Talk Fusion offers a suite of video services, such as email and conferencing. For example, with the email, you can select from hundreds of select templates that help you get started with email. You can upload your video of choice and send it to just one or even many people on your list. It is all done with one online portal. You don’t need to hop around and use different services to accomplish the job. Plus, if you don’t have time to make your own video you can use one of the video templates.

The company started in 2007 when founder Brad Reina, who was a police officer, set out to solve a major problem: sending a simple embedded video in an email. AOL was not able to do it, so he hired IT professionals and worked hard to innovate to a solution. Now, Talk Fusion has proven that people want better solutions.

Talk Fusion works on a direct selling model. This means that their associates are compensated directly and instantly. It cuts down costs and provides greater value for the end user. They also give back to the community regularly through charities and other outlets of positive change.

Source: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/03/talk-fusion-video-chat-now-1-communication-program-in-global-market/

Premium Dog Food Hits Billion Dollar Market Sales

The billion dollar market has increased rapidly throughout the years in the premium dog food department. It’s a market that many people are beginning to pay more attention to. History reveals that our dogs and their ancestors were known to eat a natural diet full of lean meats and healthy grains, however, that has changed in the past. Before we really dug down into the nitty gritty of how we are feeding our animals, we used to buy whatever what cheapest or what was on sale. Research shows that can be really hard on our animals stomach’s t change their dog food constantly as well as feed them dog food with added fillers and by products that don’t actually contain any real ingredients. It’s all just processed product that is added into each bite, and dogs can develop some terrible things over the years because of it.

Purina Beneful is a premium dog food that is offered on market that contains high quality premium ingredients like chicken, carrots and sweet potatoes. Beneful’s rigorous process of quality improvement is checked and processed through each baked morsel or canned product. Beneful offer dog treats as well, and they ingredient of wholesomeness are baked into each kibble. They are ingredients you can see and pronounce. Beneful dog food knows that each dog is different and needs different nutrition, just like us humans. They offer a line that is directly related to you dogs needs so you can ensure that you are feeding them the diet that they are striving for. If your dog is older, younger or just needs some added protein, you can most certainly find what you’re looking for with Beneful. As they have been around for many years, and the market reveals their quality assurance, you can feel good in feeding your dog the natural ingredients that were intended for our furry family members.

As premium dog food on the market continues to increase, the manufacturers will continue to provide the best dog food they can. They understand that our dogs lives depend on it, and they will continue to appease us as pet owners.


Highland Capital Management Founder Plans To Invest In Argentina

Despite Argentina being out of the global markets for a decade, Highland capital management president still sees the possibility of potentials in the country. James Dondero looks forward to obtaining a significant amount of Argentina’s security once the country is lifted the ban. He is positive that one Argentina gets the $12 billion targeting it is looking for to clear debts with its creditors; the creditors will come back to invest in the country. Parallel to this is Argentina telling its creditors that they are allowed to invest in the country once the country pays them their debts. Dondero also has the plan to make Argentina regain its position among other Latin countries through his support.

In return, Jim plans to set up a hedge fund in the country once it gains back its market stability. James Dondero risked in investing with Argentina notes he has already received 20% profits from the $4 billion notes. Most of the Argentine investors are still holding their purchased government securities, meaning that they expect positivity in the market from April. The country has hopes now that Highland capital management will buy some significant amount in the effort of the new president Marci, who has reformed the financial policies. Argentina experiences the $95 billion debt during the era of Kristina.

Jim has over time been a terrific investor and a trusted board member of MGM studios. Many of public and private companies have over time trusted his presence in board membership. He is also the chairperson of Nexbank and the firm’s financial credit advisor who is highly appreciated by the bank. His focus in financial credit analysis has been his main thing since he graduated in the 1980s. In his fund, Highland Capital Management Jim has a major interest in investing in the health care centers, especially the pharmaceuticals. Dondero holds the top most honor (alpha, beta, sigma, and gamma) from Michigan University. He studied a degree in finance and accounting in the McIntire School of Commerce.

James is famous for making $2billion profit in the GIC subsidiary of protective life insurance from significantly nothing in 1989. Over time, he has managed to come up with creative financial credit solutions in collaboration with his team of employees at Highland Capital Management. His firm manages over $19 billion for credit hedge funds and emerging hedge funds. Dondero is also a great supporter of juvenile diabetes a non-governmental organization in the United States.

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The Koch Brothers Open a New Personal Investment Venture

Charles and David Koch have opened new company to serve as an investment vehicle for their private wealth. The billionaires have called it 1888 Management LLC, a homage to the year their grandfather got started as an American businessman. The company has recently begun seeking and acquiring investment opportunities for the brothers.

1888 Management LLC originally operated out of Koch Industries, Charles and David’s multi-billion dollar juggernaut company. It has since been incorporated in Delaware and received business licenses in several states. The Koch Brothers enlisted the expertise of Trent May to run their 1888 operation. In May’s previous work as the executive director of the Wyoming Retirement System, he achieved notoriety for turning the fund around and posting a 23 percent return one year after the 2008 crash.

The Koch’s new investment company is staffed with seven board members. A mixture of Koch family members and executives from Koch industries. Charles and David Koch are most famous for their political investments, namely for conservative and libertarian causes. It is unclear whether 1888 will pursue any political investments. So far 1888 Management has invested in a company called X5 OpCo LLC, which specializes in voice and data delivery solutions for the private and public sector.

Charles Koch currently serves as chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. He has held this position for approximately 50 years. Koch Industries’ subsidiaries are involved in a wide array of industries including energy, trade, manufacturing, and investment. Charles Koch’s deep interest in scientific endeavors has shaped Koch Industry’s success and led to the Koch’s renowned business philosophy focused on market-based management.

Charles wrote the book The Science of Success, which details the philosophy and outlook that has made him a business icon. For 50 years he has funded scientific research that seeks to effectively use market-based solutions to alleviate much of the world’s problems. Charles interest in societal advancement and improvement has led him to fund a number of organizations, such as the CATO Institute and the Institute for Humane Studies, that share his vision for a better future.

Sam Tabar: The Importance of Foreign Languages

When working in international finance, analysts and strategists often deal with clients from many different parts of the world. As a result, there are sometimes language barriers that can make negotiations and other discussions difficult. In order to overcome this, more and more analysts have in recent years started to make attempts to become fluent in a second language. However, while some attempt to learn another language, there are other analysts who have spent their lives being fluent in multiple languages. One of those analysts is Sam Tabar, who is known as one of the most culturally-aware strategists of his generation.

Having obtained much of his higher education abroad at Oxford University, Sam became aware of the importance of global relations and culture early on in his journey to business success. Able to be around other students from different parts of the world, Sam developed an appreciation for learning about various cultures and the people associated with them. Because of this, he started to focus his career goals on working with an international clientele, ensuring he would achieve incredible success in the years to come.

About.me writes Mr. Tabar is fluent not only in English but French as well, Sam has not stopped there. Due to his regular dealings with clients in the Asia-Pacific region, he also speaks Japanese and is currently working to master Chinese. Because of this, his reputation with clients in that part of the world continues to grow, allowing him to develop relationships with new clients that will only grow tighter in the years to come.

Whether he is meeting with clients in Hong Kong or with Fortune 500 board members on Wall Street in New York, Sam Tabar is always committed to meeting clients on their level and make them feel as comfortable as possible. By understanding various aspects of their culture and being able to easily converse with them in their native language, Sam shows an appreciation for them and their culture that others simply cannot match.

Continuing to demonstrate just how committed he is to his clients, Sam knows it will take much more hard work to stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing his legal and financial skills, Sam is always studying today’s trends as well as those that are expected to be trends in the future. By doing so, he is poised to not only be the best in the business, but also the most talented as well.  For his softer side, check out what Sam Tabar is doing with AWI to help children in Africa.

Fabletics Opens Stores and Gets Workers to Market Subscription Services


The Fabletics clothing line is something that is bold, new and exciting. Many people have been interested in all that this company is presenting to the public, and now there are even more stores on the way. This is going to be a big move for the company that has been able to secure more than one million online orders. //
The website is a good start for a starter up, but the real honest true is that the Internet, for a company that is growing, will still have barriers. Everyone seems to think that the Internet has a method of selling that provides limitless access to customers. In a way it is the best method to bypass the boundaries that a physical store can set, but the physical stores are still important. //
For Fabletics, the physical stores are extremely important. These stores will have workers in place that can actually help promote the subscription program. This is something that is great for people that want to have a good collection of fitness garments, but they may not feel like actually shopping for these things. Under this program the subscribers get the opportunity to have discounted garments sent to them and the card is automatically charged each month. That is where a lot of the revenue is going to come from with the new stores. //
People that are fans of Kate Hudson may actually trust her judgement when it comes to these clothes. They may make the decision to sign up for the program just because they are fans of Kate and her work. This is the star power element that plays such a big factor when it comes to this type of environment.
Kate’s picks
are listed on the website so that makes it easy for people to see what she likes. //
The stores that are opening are representing a new era for the Fabletics brand. It is becoming well-known in the industry, and it just appears to be a great foundation for even great customer interaction in the future. People like to try on clothes and see what things look like when they are spending money. The Internet may reach people all over the world without a physical store, but that is one experience that the web cannot bring into homes. That is why Fabletics stores are going to make a big splash in the cities that getting a physical store. //
The number of stores that are opening will signify a growth that shows that Kate Hudson has really committed to this company. It is her labor of love, and a visit to one store shows this. She has worked hard and her presences is felt inside Fabletics stores.

Donate to a Cause That Will Help Stray Animals

Go Fund Me is a platform that people use in order to raise money for special causes. It has been used to help individuals who are dealing with serious diseases or who need help rebuilding their lives after they have gone through a natural disaster. It has also been used to help people save money for events that are coming up in their life, like an anniversary party or a wedding. Other individuals have set up campaigns through Go Fund Me that benefit animals that need help. For example, Ross Abelow recently launched a campaign that will raise money for animal shelters in New York City.

Individuals all over the world can donate to the cause that Ross Abelow is interested in. It is his goal to raise $5,000. The money is going to be used to help animal shelters expand the space they have available to take in stray animals. This is something that is very important during this time of year. When dogs and cats are left on the streets during the winter months, they experience great suffering. Some even freeze to death or die because of starvation since they are not able to find any food. Sadly, many shelters have to turn away stray animals because they do not have the space to care for them. Another thing that the $5,000 will help is purchasing things like food and medicine for stray animals that are brought in.

Individuals can feel happy when they donate toward this cause. They should know that they are helping to alleviate some of the suffering that animals are experiencing right now. Also, they can be happy to know that they are helping to take care of the problem over the long term. For example, when animals are brought into shelters, they are likely to be spayed or neutered. This means that the stray animal population will go down. Also, they are placed in adoption programs.

Many individuals have benefited from the work that Ross Abelow has done. He has been working in the New York City as a family attorney for more than 20 years. He works hard to defend the rights of his clients as they are going through difficult family situations, like divorce. Not only is he interested in helping paying customers, but he provides helpful legal advice free of charge to individuals who keep up with his personal blog or who follow him on Facebook. He is active online and also has an account with Mashable.

What Doesn’t Jon Urbana Do?

Jon Urbana has so many interests and talents that we are left asking ourselves, “Is there anything Jon Urbana can’t do?” When taking a look at all of his passions, one of the only possible answers is “no”. From photography to Mr. Urbana’s videos, and music to entrepreneurship, Jon Urbana has taken a liking and interest to a wide array of fields and he has proven his talent for all of them.

Urbana’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked by his passion for lacrosse. Urbana played a few years of college lacrosse and decided to turn his passion for the game into a career. He co founded a very successful and well established youth lacrosse camps known as Next Level Lacrosse. It is here that Jon Urbana passes along his talent from Villanova through his business endeavor.

Music is also a strong interest of Jon Urbana’s through which he has show through his continued involvement and interaction with it. The music that Jon Urbana has an interest in can be found on a few of his music blogs including Sound Cloud as well as MTV.

Even though many of his interest and passions are listed on his personal site, this certainly does not keep Jon Urbana from giving back to his community as well as the world at large. To be sure, Urbana is involved in multiple endeavors to improve the world around him. As featured in this video, Jon Urbana is raising money for Earth Force, which seeks to protect the environment. Urban is also raising money on CrowdFund for the local Animal Rescue and Animal Adoption Society. Donations are still being taken for these philanthropic projects put on by Jon Urbana.

Another one of Jon Urbana’s main areas of interest is photography. His passion can be seen on display through a multitude of media outlets. Perhaps the most well known sources being his Instagram profile which can be followed here. Urbana’s photographs are also captured on his Imgur and blog. A majority of Jon Urbana’s photography revolves around capturing nature at its most natural. He also has a large collection of photography of food and artistic designs.