Investment Banking Has Many Positive Aspects

Who is Martin Lustgarten?
Martin Lustgarten is the Managing Director at Henlux Incorporated. Henlux is a company that believes in new ideas. Martin Lustgarten and the team at Henlux are qualified to assist individuals with financing and purchase details. Lustgarten works with his highly qualified associates and they help importers and entrepreneurs to discover and explore new and fascinating challenges. Fostering growth is a priority.

Martin Lustgarten Has the Facts on Investment Banking
Martin Lustgarten is well-informed on the overview of investment banking. He is highly knowledgeable on the very beneficial role of the investment bank and the investment banker. The role of the banker will be to act as a liaison or a go-between. The banker will be in the middle of the investor and the company itself. The investment banker will have the ability to stop problems and prevent them.

Investment Banking and the Strong Pros
Investment is one area or division of banking that is associated with some rather complex transactions. The role of an investment bank is to create capital. The investment bank does perform a large amount of services. These services are provided for companies, governments, and a number of other entities. The strong pros that are included in investment banking are:
* they will issue and underwrite securities while acting as an agent for them
* they offer marketing services
* trading services
* derivatives
* equity securities
* facilitate transactions
There are strong pros that are associated with investment banking. The investment banking will include professionals who specialize in the field of investing. The specific services that are provided prove to greatly assist their clients in complex financial concerns. Martin Lustgarten can be found on Facebook for news and other updates.

Helane Morrison is Now a Fixture in the Corporate World

Corporate officers beware, Helane Morrison is on the lookout for inappropriate business practices. As Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Council of Hall Capital Partners LLC, Morrison has become a prominent figure for the good guys. The world of Finance and ever increasing competition between corporations, nefarious corporate officials looking to take a shortcut to success have been found over and over again. Splashy headlines dot the news, but the real story is the damage to the everyday lives of Americans. Helane Morrison has been one of the staunchest defenders of the law, and among the most aggressive in pursuing wrongdoing.

The Great Recession of 2008 effectively blew out the walls shielding vast corporate corruption and catastrophic risk taking. Friends of mine lost their homes, vast swaths of wealth were wiped away, and perhaps most importantly Americans lost a large amount of trust and pride in the institutions that were supposed to represent the American Dream. Corporations exists to make money, but they also have a duty to shareholders and their employees. In addition, they have a civic responsibility to the country that allows them to exist. I see the same greed and corruption that has caused the country to view the corporate world with such distrust. This is exactly why Helane Morrison is such a monumental figure.

Holding degrees in Journalism and Law, Morrison has the experience to take on the giants of Capitalism. While at the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin in the 90’s, she was made a partner and oversaw the investigation of a number of corrupt traders. Her efforts led to three enforcement actions and made a real statement at the time. Soon after, the government realized what a force she would be on their side and offered her a position at at the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange. Her time there produced some remarkable results. Particularly her exposure of the insurance company American Amicable when they sold false securities to over 50,000 military personnel. Morrison’s work there was also notable for her involvement in protecting senior citizens from fraud. 

Morrison then turned to issues of equality. She noted that there was a lack of female leadership in ranking positions in the world of finance. Hall Capital offered an attractive option to represent her new equality objectives, and to be a part of a unique and very successful environment. Hall Capital’s leadership is composed entirely of women. Along with President Sarah Stein and Co-Chief investment officer Kathryn Hall, Chief Compliance officer Morrison completes the leadership trio. 

Helane Morrison stands a giant of the corporate world, as her illustrious career continues to thrive to this day which you can see in detail here:

Should We Trust Kyle Bass?

In a world where internet and the media keep reality firmly restrained, it becomes very difficult to tell that which is trustworthy, and that which is not. A great example is Kyle Bass.

Many remember 2008, because September saw an economic seven year cycle hit the economy like a twenty-pound fist smashing a strawberry. Economic juices went everywhere, and the world scrambled to clean the mess. What caused it? Sub-prime lending practices in the housing market across the country. If that seems complicated, imagine using one credit card to pay off another credit card. Eventually, there are no more credit cards available, and the bill has only increased. Now, many financiers saw this collapse coming and prepared accordingly. But many financiers also didn’t have access to the mainstream media. Bass did.

Today, Wikipedia indicates that Bass has become trusted as a financial adviser by many, but his past is extremely questionable; and that really should be taken into account as well. Ulterior motives seem very possible with him.

Based out of Texas, where Bass runs a hedge fund, Kyle has also been involved in an organization called CAD, which stands for the Coalition for Affordable drugs. CAD manages to reduce the cost of big time pharmaceuticals, and when they start selling their drugs more cheaply, Kyle Bass short sells his stock. It’s a legal scam that is utilizing a loophole in the system. Here’s the thing: the crime isn’t victim-less. By taking economic potential from those pharmaceutical companies, Bass is taking future medical developments from the global community.

Kyle Bass also has very close ties to well-known socialist Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. President of Argentina, Bass’ home country, Kirchner has been beating the local economy into the ground with such force, surrounding countries are feeling the economic quake. And Bass has close ties to her.

It begs the question, doesn’t it? Is Bass really so personally economically viable, or is he operating from information that’s been given to him? Who knows; those kinds of questions can’t be answered here. But what can be said here is that trusting Kyle Bass completely probably isn’t the best idea. If he’s sly enough to use CAD as a means of gaining millions, he’s certainly sly enough to use the mainstream media to push public spending/investment habits one direction or another. If Bass’ ties to Kirchner aren’t benign, there could be a larger, hidden agenda. Kyle Bass has too many fishy elements about him for savvy investors to take what he says at face value. The entire scenario must be considered. Otherwise, investors are just playing into his hand. Bass continues to make public appearances and investments. Be careful to take in the whole picture before trusting anything he does.

The Growth Of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the President of the Eucatex Group, a Brazilian company with a diversified portfolio ranging from factories that specialize in sheet and panel production to those that produce the components needed by these factories. Eucatex continuously works to modernize production lines, increase the production rate and capacity to keep up with growing demands and make adjustments to keep up with changing technology and consumer needs.

Eucatex was founded by Flavio Maluf’s father, Paulo Maluf, in 1951. Their factory was the first in Brazil to choose eucalyptus as their raw material for sheet and panel fabrication. After the success of this factory Eucatex opened offices in the United States, the Netherlands, and Mexico. They also began to manufacture paint for their factories to use, metal profiles, ores to add to their existing insulation line, and agricultural substrates. In 1993 Eucatex began diversifying the products that it made. This involved the construction of a new plant, a new factory, the implementation of new painting procedures and increased maintenance of the natural resources that were used by the company. A significant amount of the success that has been seen by the Eucatex Group has been attributed to Flavio Maluf and his experience.

Flavio Maluf took to Twitter to point out he has been involved in the business at Eucatex since 1987. After he obtained a mechanical engineering degree from FAAP and studied administration at New York University he returned to Brazil to work for his father. He worked in both the trade and industrial areas of the business before being appointed to an executive position by his uncle in 1996. A year after this appointment he became President.

Because of his experience in multiple areas of the business, Flavio Maluf has a thorough understanding of how Eucatex functions. This, in combination with his education, has allowed him to guide Eucatex in a successful direction. Flavio’s ability to guide Eucatex has also allowed him to have a strong voice in Brazil about other companies and industries. His forecasts and explanations about the business world have allowed many people to understand a variety of mergers and acquisitions that have taken place. He is also outspoken when it comes to the growing use of technology by the younger generations and in education.

In addition to his business acumen, Flavio Maluf has also been successful in his personal life. He married Lourdes Torres Coutinho in 1986, just before he began to work at Eucatex. They have three adult children.  Flavio is a contributor to many articles about business, and what’s going on in Brazil as well.

Koch Brothers against Donald Trump

Charles Koch is an American businessman with great influence in the American politics. He and his brother David Koch are the co-owners of Koch industries. Charles serves as CEO of Koch Industries, a business they inherited from their father. His political views are evident. He advocates for smaller governments and a liberal economy and has publicly voiced his views. One such occasion was when he addressed a crowd gathered in August for the Freedom Partners Policy Leaders Conference in California.

After failing in their bid to support Mitt Romney in 2012, the Koch brothers analyzed what had gone wrong in 2012 to avoid similar mistakes in the next elections. Doubling their 2012 efforts was seen as the best way forward and the Koch brothers and their allies decided they will work towards raising $900 to support a Republican candidate in the general election.
However, according to an interview given by Charles Koch at the staff commissary in Kansas in January 2016, things are not working out as they expected. Charles Koch said that people would think that they would have more influence in the general election and that was not the case as things were not working out as they had planned.
Donald Trump was turning out to be a serious presidential candidate contender than they had thought. Not only had the Koch brothers misjudged Donald Trump, but also the Republicans. Charles Koch and his brother must find a way to stop Donald Trump because their political views clash on some issues such as taxes and trade. Another reason for Koch brothers wanting to stop Donald Trump is because he turned on them when they refused to support his presidential campaign.
The role of the Koch brothers in the upcoming general election seems to be changing. The initial objective was to ensure a Republican candidate gets to the White House. Charles Koch and his brother are considering ways in which they will stop Donald Trump from running for president. According to Koch officials, the plan is to start campaigns against Donald Trump at the primaries. The Koch network is planning to divert the resources for supporting a Republican candidate towards the campaign targeting Donald Trump.
However, based on recent assessment, the Koch brothers have carefully assessed the political landscape and the Koch network and may decide to fight Donald Trump because he is not liked within the Koch network.
Check out the original Vanity Fair article here.

The Success of Dick DeVos and his Endeavors

Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is residing in West Michigan. As of recently, Mr. DeVos was placed on the Forbes Magazine list of one of the richest men in the United States. His net worth is a result of hard work and his dedication to the family company of Amway Corporation. Mr. DeVos has been involved with the business world ever since he was a young child and has since then utilized this talent to benefit every company that he has worked with. You can read more about Dick’s ties with Amway by clicking here.

With his success, he has made countless donations towards his community and has funded several foundations in order to improve the lives of others. Dick is involved in politics as well and has funded his party and candidates of his choice as well. The DeVos’ political involvement was even alluded to in an episode of the House of Cards Netflix series which Dick shares his personal thoughts on here:

Dick also donates a lot of funds to education and has even founded a school for aviation both in part because of his dedication to creating opportunities in education as well as his passion for flight. In addition to being a pilot, he is a sailing enthusiast and has even brought home some titles and championships.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

Recently in news, Mr. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have joined the liquor business as a new hobby. Their endeavors have been noticed through their new investments towards the Coppercraft Distillery. The current owner of the Coppercraft Distillery is Walter Catton III who is more than happy to welcome a new partner to the business. His establishment was founded in 2013 and has since then flourished to become a booming business. 

With the new investments made by the DeVos family, Mr. Catton has expanded the business even further to now be located in a 9,000 sq-foot facility. The facility is now complete with a tasting room that can seat over 50 people as well as a kitchen. The brand new kitchen will be utilized to create appetizers that will make a good pairing with the provided cocktails. 

The success of this distillery within the past three years has been exponentially increasing. The distillery currently distributes their product to over 100 different locations which include locations in states such as Michigan, Colorado, as well as Illinois. The distillery has catered to multiple events and establishments which includes the upcoming Tulip Time Festival which is a popular festival within the Lakeshore community.

The Coppercraft distillery has dedicated workers that can effortlessly produce some of the finest products such as whiskey, rum, gin, as well as vodka. In addition to spirits, the distillery has begun creating handcrafted beer and wine that has brought in new clientele. Mr. DeVos is excited about this new investment as it will be both enjoyable as well as an excellent way to provide his well established business skills. With Mr. DeVos’ business skills and Mr. Catton’s knowledge of liquor making, the business will continue to expand.

The Dentist Who Cares, Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel, is a practicing dentist in New Jersey. The name of his company is called Old Bridge Dental Care. However, his calling to practice dentistry is only one of many programs he has and is accomplishing. Mr. Weisfogel has his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology plus a DDS-from New York University College of Dentistry. A well-versed human being that seems to keep giving so our society can benefit from his accumulations of knowledge about people and sleep problems. He also owns a sleeping disorders and problematic business for sixteen years. Avi Weisfogel has helped many people with problems of sleep deprivation with this organization and has taken his knowledge to a higher level. In his sleep practice, he has demonstrated how to use oral dental treatments to help patients with their sleep problems and to teach other dental practitioners through his various companies.

Mr. Avi Weisfogel has not stopped studying and helping people throughout the years as he started a GofundMe page on the Internet to helping out children in other countries with his expertise in dentistry and sleep problems that affect a great deal of people around the world. This organization is called Smile. The start of this care-giving was in the Philipines, helping children with abnormalities in facial tissue and disfigurement. He wants this to continue to be a high priority with the world helping out and the good dead has paid off for this man of wonder and concern for the world of children in other countries.

Keith Mann Provides Scholarship Opportunities

Charter schools have become an important component in providing excellent educational opportunities to low income children. In addition, charter schools help to improve the educational opportunities for children as a whole in urban areas. The need for public charter schools is far reaching.

One of the public charter school organizations that is making a difference in the New York area is Uncommon Charter Schools. The organization helps to start and manage public charter schools. The organization has a network of public charter schools that operate in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. The schools provide education for children ranging from kindergarten to high school.

In addition to providing excellent educational opportunities for low income and urban children, Uncommon Charter Schools also helps children gain admittance to college. This is very important because receiving a higher education and earning a college degree is the best chance that many of the kids graduating from Uncommon Charter Schools will have in their life.

Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship at Uncommon Charter High Schools to help graduating seniors pay for college tuition. The scholarship will be awarded each year to one graduating senior from an Uncommon Charter High School. The scholarship value is $5,000. The purpose of the scholarship is to help pay college tuition.

Students at an Uncommon Charter High School can apply for the scholarship this year until February 29, 2016. The scholarship winner will be announced by the end of March 2016. Applicants will be asked to write a 1000 word essay.

Keith Mann started the scholarship because he has a belief that attending and graduating college with a degree can help low income children change their life situation. Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. The company helps businesses fill their executive positions.

Keith Mann established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. He runs the day-to-day operations for the company. He is an expert in several business areas such as staffing, hedge fund compensation, and hiring strategy.

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Handy Cleaned My Home For A Very Important Party

I chose to host a party in my home for some clients, but after looking throughout my house, I knew it needed some real cleaning. I knew I didn’t have time to do the cleaning on my own, especially since I had planned the party for only three days away. I frantically called friends asking where I could get cleaning services, and one friend told me about Handy, which was news to me. I’ve never heard about the Handy company before, but I had no problem choosing them when I learned everything about the company. I found their website, which was very helpful.

The website informed me about all the services that Handy offers as well as about the workers that they hire. One of the biggest things that worry me about having people in my home is wondering if they have a bad background, which may mean that they may steal something or even destroy something in my home with no way to cover what they have wrecked. I love the fact that Handy only hires workers that pass a background check, and each of their workers are also certified or trained in the work they do. I needed someone to clean my home that knew exactly what they were doing.

I went ahead to set up an appointment for a Friday evening, especially since my party was going to be Saturday afternoon. I was anxious for the worker to come out, but once they got there, they were so early that I was able to tell them everything I needed them to do, and they got right to work. They did all the vacuuming, the bathrooms were cleaned, and I even had the floors in my kitchen cleaned as well. I was more than satisfied with the work I received from the Handy worker.

I had a great party on Saturday, but I have to say that things got a little bit messy, so I made sure to schedule another cleaning for my home for Monday afternoon, even though it was a weekend when I scheduled the appointment. I’ve had Handy come out to my home several times already, and I couldn’t be happier with the work that they are doing. I’ve taken the time to recommend Handy to many of my friends, and I wouldn’t think of hiring another cleaning company in the future except for Handy.

Award-Winning Life at The Manse On Marsh

The Manse On Marsh is a senior living facility located in the community of San Luis Obispo, California. This award-winning and awarded Central Coast Builder in the year 2000, developed a type of senior living complex that is not the traditional ‘nursing home’ facility. Just the word ‘nursing home’ sends chills up the spines of many families and seniors. Chris Skiff devoted his life to changing this stereotype of the traditional ‘nursing home.’

The Manse On Marsh built from the bottom up with a firm foundation built on Christan values and love with Chris Skiff at the helm. Mr. Skiff along with his expert staff focuses on outstanding senior care and commitment to the senior populace offering the highest level of quality of care found anywhere else. This CEO made a personal commitment to devote his entire life quality care for the elderly to enjoy the golden years of prosperity.

Skiff’s early career involved developing affordable senior apartments soon after he entered his early 20’s and went on to assist in the development of over 20 more senior communities. He could not have done this were it not for the love of his God guiding his life, and wife of nearly 30-years. His devoted wife and five beautiful children can attest to the fact that Chris accomplished his goals he set for his life. Also, to his year 2000 award, he received 40 under Forty, Pacific Coast Business Times in 2002, Home Builder’s Association, Lifetime Director award in 1010, The Master’s Program graduate in 2013, associate of Multiple Internation Christian Missions,

The Manse On Marsh employs a full-service professionally skilled staff, a big reason why they are so highly rated by assisted living review sites. Together, everyone has a common goal to offer to each senior in this facility a full, happy, comfortable, and quality life. This outstanding service provides constant improvements by listening to what community residents want and need in living the highest quality of life.

Those seniors and families residing on the West Coast, researching senior living facilities need to come and take a tour of The Manse On Marsh, which can be arranged at the online contact page. Speak with the residents and his or her family, meet the staff, and find out what this facility is all about, and then make a move upward to the wonderful ‘Golden Years.’

Each professional on staff at The Manse On Marsh employs skills and knowledge put forth to enhance the senior’s life.

The Activity Director fills each day with fun and enjoyment for the resident through activities of interest and chooses from in-house to many planned field trips.